Sunday, April 15, 2012

Integrate your life, continued...

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My life integration started when I realized that my partner wasn't a true fit for my well being. We didn't compliment each other's vision. This was about 10 years ago. It took me several years to come to this conclusion. Later, when I lost my father and then my job, I realized that my career piece didn't properly fit. During this time I had started dating my current boyfriend. This piece now fits completely. I'm happy to say, "I'm sure of this." I'm also sure that when I lost my job and inadvertently decided to transition my career from business to life healing art, the second very large puzzle piece fit into place. Today I feel as if I'm about an 85% fit with just a few small pieces that need to fall into place. My life puzzle is on a firm foundation and it is well on its way of being solved. At 42 years old I feel more comfortable and excited about my life than I've ever felt, this, in itself, tells me I'm on the right path!

Are you making the changes necessary to align your inner self and its needs with your outer world? Leave me a note, can I help?

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