Sunday, April 29, 2012

Psychic lawyer Mark Anthony, continued...

Photo of Mark Anthony

Photo taken by Kevin Roberts of Intimate Images Photography in Melbourne, Florida. Check out his Facebook page. 

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Mark continued his interview, “Both of my parents were mediums. It wasn't always easy having psychic parents because it seemed like I couldn't get away with anything--they always "knew" what was going on with me. On the other hand, I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.”

He touched on the spiritual differences between humans and animals.

In his words, “In my best selling book, Never Letting Go, I discuss how any being capable of the emotion of love is capable of spirit communication. Humans give details, fact and figure in addition to expressing emotions. Animals can and do give details, but have a tendency to express things on a much more emotional level. 

Never Letting Go is an inspiration for those who are looking for evidence of the Afterlife. Incredible stories offer clear evidence from loved ones on the Other Side. It teaches us all how to recognize spirit contact. Learn the telltale signs of those loved ones on the other side who may be trying to contact you. And, it heals you with message of hope from the Other Side.”

When I asked if he had any messages for me, he replied, “Mediumship requires a person connection with the person who has sustained the loss. For me to deliver a message, I would need to conduct a reading for you. I practice what is known as Evidential Mediumship. As a lawyer I realize the importance of producing evidence to verify the truth of what I'm presenting. The evidence I convey which comes from a spirit must be based on facts the spirit relays to me that can be verified by the client receiving the message.”

You can purchase Mark’s book through Barnes and Noble, in other bookstores worldwide or through his website, Never Letting

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tibetan monks chakra beliefs, continued...

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During the show, Dr. Oz discussed, “These Tibetan beliefs offer renewed energy, unbelievable vitality and inner peace as the secrets to longevity.”

Pamela Lancaster, an expert of Tibetan Healing commented, “The mind is important in the healing process. And, when you have a clear and open mind, the body follows this.”

Dr. Oz noted, “These chakras are the monks guide to health and healing; the life force that turns everything in your body, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Pam communicated, “The chakras are continually listening to the outside world and inside our body. Every time we have an experience, it makes these chakras spin.”

The message, you can be stuck in a chakra, and this surfaces in health problems that are correlated with this particular chakra.

·    If you feel off balance, consider clearing your root chakra by eating red foods.

·    If you’re having issues with your sexual organs, fill your diet with orange foods.

·    If you’re having stomach issues with the gallbladder, pancreas or liver, eat yellow foods (this is tied to self-esteem issues).

·    If you’re having heart issues (open yourself with compassion) and eat green foods. This chakra teaches that love is the most nourishing of all chakras and therefore you can balance all of them.

·    If you’re having throat issues practice the expression of truth and eat blue foods.

·    If you’re having headaches, unblock your 3rd eye, become more spiritual and eat indigo foods.

·    If you feel like you’re have alignment and overall physical issues, open your crown chakra by eating violet foods. This will allow the energy to flow upward and downward through your body.

This stuff might feel a bit hokey poky to you but my belief is, “Why not try it, it doesn’t hurt if you’re already suffering bad health.”

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Freedom from your scars, continued...

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A scar can be deceiving. On the surface, it looks like it has healed. It is sealed and seems to be mended. But, beneath this, is it still raw or fully recovered? My biggest scar is on my face. It is over my eye and under my eyebrow. It's about a 1/2 of inch in length and it causes the skin over my eye to sag a bit. I was in the back of a pickup truck when the driver accidental pulled out in front of a vehicle that was moving 55 mph. I was thrown from the vehicle and my body actually broke a wood picket fence prior to landing. The ironic thing is, I landed at my destination. I was that close to a safe arrival. I had a chipped shoulder blade, dislocated shoulder, bruises everywhere and about 12 stitches inside and a few outside of my eye.

Physically I healed within months. But, mentally, I am still suffering from this scar. I'm an uneasy passenger. I'm jumpy. On long road trips, I'm unable to rest fully when I'm not the driver. This is because I haven't successfully released myself from this scar. Freedom is in my future. I'm not embarrassed nor do I feel shame but I am fearful of a reoccurrence of a similar vehicle accident. I must admit, between my boyfriend and I, we have had survived drivers education with 4 teenagers. Two have achieved their license and two are in the process. This scenario is forcing me to face my fear (it is also causing me to visit my hairdresser more often to dye my gray hair)! It has been over 25 years and I finally feel like I'm making progress. I have hope for my freedom.

 What has scarred your life? How are you coping through the healing process? Leave me a note.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Animal Angels, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC, Drawing & Photo of Scruples Click on the below article link to obtain background information to this blog post: Examiner article I, like Carl David, believe in life after death. I’ve had many encounters to validate this but it wasn’t until my cat Scruples passed did I really comprehend the spiritual and physical connection between humans and animals. Yes, I’ve always loved and appreciated my longhaired, orange cat while he was alive. He was much like Garfield, a real character. Someday I will author a children books series to share the adventures, which I was so lucky to partake. As Scruples took his last breath, I had my hand under his head and I was kneeling next to him in my family room. I was alone and it was early. The kids had left for school and my boyfriend had left for work. I was waiting for the vet to open but he was very weak. He had been suffering with colitis for over a year. We’d tried many diets and medicine but in his old age (around twenty) we knew his time was limited. His breathing was really weak. I watched, as my dog, Ronnie, sat at my side. I whispered to Scruples, “It is time to go.” I witnessed a long gasp, his last breath. My heart was breaking and tears were streaming down my face. And, then suddenly, in this moment’s time, a large shadow appeared to my left side, I saw it as it cast against the closet. It was the size of a large person. The same moment it appeared, my dog jumped up and crammed himself between my body and the sofa where my cat had just passed. He could sense this presence. I reassured my cat that it was okay to go. I knew the supernatural being was here to cross Scruples over and grace him as an angel. It was then that I realized that these little fury blessings were celestial and they are bigger than their physical life, just as we are! They continue to amaze me and bless my life. Please, if you have animal angel stories to share, leave a comment with your contact information. Click here to visit Carl’s website.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

When words are inadequate have a ritual, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC Photo Click on the below article link to obtain background information to this blog post: Examiner article Next month marks a 4 year anniversary of my father's death. After he passed I created a book that I dedicated to him. I also transitioned my career in the aftermath. During a psychic reading my dad came through (I believe in this stuff), and he asked that I plant an oak tree for him. This was during the first year of his death. I thought it was odd that this request was brought forward but the more I'm living the more I realize the power of trees. I think I'm going to create a ritual of planting life each May in his memory and this year I will plant his oak tree. It will honor his life, his transition to nature and my work towards a brighter future through life healing art! What rituals do you embrace? What are your thoughts about rituals. Leave me a note.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thankful for something that is not enough, continued...

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Examiner article

Wow, Bishop T.D. Jakes, hit a nerve with his sermon and I'm thankful I was able to receive it and pass it forward. I discovered him through Oprah's Supersoul Sunday serious on her OWN Channel.

I'll reiterate his message again in this post in case you've not read the article.

Bishop T.D Jakes said, “Until you can be thankful for something that is not enough, then what you have can not be multiplied into what is more than enough.” He was talking about the story of the little boy with 2 fish and five loaves of bread in the bible. When this meal was blessed and then the loaves were broken in order to serve many, the count multiplied. His message, “It is the breaking of life that produces the blessing of life.”

He went on to say that the most blessed people he had met, in his life, have been through something that has broken them.

We've all been broken and many of us are still there. I so believe in manifestation. It has worked in my life and continues to work for me. I'm currently manifesting my next book success. This book is derived from my pain. And, in its completion, I will push hard to get it published through a publisher. This will be a journey and, I'm sure, it will involve frustration. I am blessed even in my most dire moment. I know this and believe it whole-heartily!

I want you to believe this too because when you do, your world will open for you in ways you can't even begin to imagine. Take a leap of faith my friend. It is necessary for your well being. Stare your situation in its face, welcome it for a short visit, learn from it, appreciate its lesson and then live larger!

Tell me where you are and where you've come from. I'm interested!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

An airedale puppy saved Pamela's life, continued...

Photo of Sternly provided by Pamela Bitterman

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Examiner article

Pamela Bitterman explained where her dog’s name was derived, “When I was about 13 years old, my sister’s boyfriend presented her with a mutt from a litter he’d rescued from the local swimming hole where he was working as alifeguard. My softhearted father announced we could keep him only if he was taught to behave. So my mom promptly went out and purchased a do-it-yourself book on Training Your Pet.

Standing austerely before his brood of rapt offspring and one decidedly unruly pup, my father read aloud from page one of the text, “When the dog misbehaves, say NO, sternly!” My dad jokingly commanded “NO Sternly!” and the dog responded by leaping all over him. Thus Sternly he was, and oh how we loved him. When he later died of distemper, a disease he had contracted prior to our getting him, we were all devastated.

Several years later, while working in New England, I bought my own first dog – an Airedale puppy. I named him Sternly. I never bought a book on discipline or took him to obedience school. As we were both prodigal children of the then Infamous “60’s”, I actually identified with and celebrated his free spirit and his boundless enthusiasm. He and I were destined to take on the world together.”

Not only did Sternly save Pam’s life once as described in the article but he saved her twice.

She explained, “A couple years later, back in the Midwest and living alone with my dog in my grandparents old cottage on Lake Erie, I had my second run in with near-death, imminent disaster, once again averted by my trusty Airedale.

The Army Corps of Engineers had recently constructed eight-foot high dikes – walls of fence and rock atop the seawalls - to act as an added barrier against the rising lake levels. I was walking my dog on that dike and feeling the familiar brace of a good old Nor’easter beginning to blow. I was transfixed on the lake’s angry rabid ocean-like face while the frigid temperatures plummeted, when suddenly I skidded on an icy patch of cement, lost my footing, and tumbled off the wall. Hitting the shallows several feet below, I both felt and heard my ankle snap upon impact with the submerged rocks. At that point I could neither reach nor even see the top of the dike, or any semblance of the safe civilization that lay on the other side of it. The storm was building fast. I listened to Sternly bark once and then heard nothing. Bundled in layers of bulky winter clothes and wearing my heavy hiking boots, I was wet, cold, in pain, exhausted from trying to keep my head above the rising tide, and alone.

I don’t know how much time passed, but I vaguely remember hearing barking and muted voices somewhere off in the distance. Sometime later, an extension ladder was lowered over the dike wall and two big men climbed down to fish me out of the tide, carry me up and out, and ferry me to the hospital. My dog was by my side, slobbering, nudging, wagging, and fully reveling in his “man’s (girl’s!) best friend” role. My rescuers, as they were loading me into their car, didn’t object to a wet and wild Sternly bounding in right beside me. Nodding their heads soberly, they whispered, “Let him in. That crazy dog just saved your life!”

After Sternly passed years later, Pamela continued to include animals in her love.

She shared, “I would go on to have more pets in my lifetime, most notably the terrific Springer Spaniel that would be my children’s family dog.”

But, as the article communicates, Sternly was special to Pam and unlike any other animal!

Do you have a special bond with a four-legged friend? If so, you can appreciate the wonders and blessings these beautiful animals gift. Leave a comment about the special fury babies in your life.

Click here to visit Pamela's website, Pamela

Integrate your life, continued...

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Examiner article

My life integration started when I realized that my partner wasn't a true fit for my well being. We didn't compliment each other's vision. This was about 10 years ago. It took me several years to come to this conclusion. Later, when I lost my father and then my job, I realized that my career piece didn't properly fit. During this time I had started dating my current boyfriend. This piece now fits completely. I'm happy to say, "I'm sure of this." I'm also sure that when I lost my job and inadvertently decided to transition my career from business to life healing art, the second very large puzzle piece fit into place. Today I feel as if I'm about an 85% fit with just a few small pieces that need to fall into place. My life puzzle is on a firm foundation and it is well on its way of being solved. At 42 years old I feel more comfortable and excited about my life than I've ever felt, this, in itself, tells me I'm on the right path!

Are you making the changes necessary to align your inner self and its needs with your outer world? Leave me a note, can I help?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pain and suggestions for relief, continued...

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Examiner article

Sometimes I feel like the dull pain is even worse than the harsh. And, the mental pain somehow feels more excruciating than the physical. Whether it is physical or mental your mind does set the stage for its grasp. Of course pain management involves medical professionals and medicine but beyond this it really is mind over matter!

What are your feelings about embracing an holistic approach? I really don't understand why someone who is in such pain wouldn't venture into trying just about anything to escape its clutch. I believe that meditation helps because this enables you to quiet the noise from pain.

While I was in a college law class in the early 90's, a loud ringing started in my left ear. It was so loud, it muffled out 60% of my hearing. It was later diagnosed as tinnitus. There are support groups for people with tinnitus. Unless you experience this overpowering noise, you really can't understand its wrath. It took me years to triumph over its hold. What started as constant nails screeching down a chalkboard exemplified by 100 fold has now turned into a symphony of crickets in the background of my life. It has been nonstop since that day it visited me. Yes, it will probably be with me until the day I die but the moral of this story here is that even though the volume physically is still there, my mindset has accepted it instead of fighting it, I've made it a guest room. I've made space for it and this has changed how I hear it. Sometimes I even have to close my eyes to find it lurking in the background. I have no discomfort from it now, I've just changed how I embrace it.

Life's impact can be harsh or gentle, it is mind over matter. I believe this whole-heartily. Leave me your thoughts.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Teresa Joyce's light at the end of the tunnel, continued...

Photo of Teresa's book, There's a Fine Line, provided by Teresa Joyce

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Examiner article

Teresa Joyce shared her passion, “Wow I could talk about that all day! When I pushed full stop at the conclusion of my book, There’s a Fine Line, I knew that my life’s work would now be about helping others to heal. My book and my website go a long way towards achieving that. The best possible outcome I could wish for would be that someone out there would find their own strength within its pages.”

Book insert:
‘There is a place deep inside of us that remains untapped unless you reach your lowest point, and allow the soul within you to take hold. Today my outlook on life is so very different; instead of the glass being half empty the glass is half full. It was time to heal the child within me she had suffered enough. My message to you is that you need to take back your life, you are not so very different then I you just have to believe in yourself. My story of recovery can become your own.’

She continued, “For so many years I walked around with an enormous Psychological and Sociological residue, firmly believing that there was no way back for me. I sit here today typing, in the knowledge that the battle within me is now won. This is by far the battle you struggle with; it’s so hard to make headway. You can’t hide from your thoughts; equally you are unable to lie to yourself. Do we love ourselves? Do we feel we command respect? This is the place we have to start by putting one foot in front of the other, once done the battle within you will have been won."

Teresa described her book, “My memoir tells the story of my own journey. It’s a story of immense hope and a reference book of knowledge. I myself read many books surrounding this issue; it seems that I find camaraderie within their pages. Could it be that you may find the answer to your own questions in my book? I dearly hope so.”

Her story has helped others.

She explained, “I would also like to share this story with you. Whilst emailing talk shows I sent an email to a particular lady host. It was strange as it took me some time to find her email address, but something told me to keep looking. Once found I emailed her. Within ten minutes I received an urgent reply, and the response was something I could never have hoped or dreamed of. It seems that her son had tried to kill himself the previous week. After a few emails back and forth I rang her on her direct line in New York. She told me that morning she felt she could no longer go on and that my email had arrived just at the point she was ready to give up. It gladdened my heart to think that my book even in its condensed form was still able to reach out to someone in dire need. The message she received is that no matter how hard it gets, as I always say, there is light at the end of the tunnel you just need to reach out for it. That deep inside of you can find the strength you need, or a hand to hold to walk you towards it. I have emailed her a PDF file of my book and hope this will help her further.”

Click on the below link to explore Teresa’s website,

Email her at,, with questions or comments.