Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rusty Russo survived cancer and brain surgery, continued...

Photo by Bill Comstock

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Examiner article

Rusty Russo is updating his book, Three Strikes You’re In, for educational use in the schools. He explained, “I`m revising the book and omiting all the curse words for a school version that I will be submitting to the NYS dept. of education for required reading in the school system. This was suggested to me by various school administrators and teachers in both the NYC board of ed. and the Schools on Long Island.”

When I first looked at Rusty’s photo, I never would have imagined what he has gone through. His life today is testimony of finding light at the end of the cancer tunnel. It is apparent he is healthy mind, body and spirit.

Rusty is open to anyone who is looking for help. Email him or give him a call (516) 978-5699.

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