Thursday, March 8, 2012

Psychic medium John Edward, continued...

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It was really amazing to see John Edward, at work, first hand. I've followed his career, read his books and watched his shows when they were on, Crossing Over and Cross Country; he amazes me. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about not receiving a direct read. I’m sure my heart would have been bursting with emotion had my dad or anyone else whom I've loved and physically lost, came through. Although, I’m not sure medically that I could have handled the pressure!

John was reading a couple of people directly behind me. Of course, the woman's name was Kathryn and John acknowledged through his communication, James (both my boyfriend's and my names) and he also spoke of a breast cancer tumor scare (which I had in October). He discussed issues someone had with choices of life support and this hit home with me because of my experience with hospice and my father. Listening to this (even though it was spoken to the group behind me) had me shaking. I couldn't imagine how I would had reacted if I had a microphone in my hand and if I had to stand and talk to him.

John explained that many of the reading will be meant for those in the sidelines just as I had experienced. I felt my father was there with me and he just chose to step aside and overlap our stories.

I wish this experience for anyone bereaving the loss of a loved one. Whether you believe or not, this is magical and it is lifting.

What are your thoughts?

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