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Kim Malchuk helping others, continued...

Tasting Rain book cover, photographer Rod Braun - Eve Studios, Winnipeg, MB

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Examiner article

The interview article with Kim Malchuk continued.

She shared why she wrote her book, Tasting Rain, “It all began one night when I decided to sit down and write our story. I never intended to publish it; however, as the months went by I realized that I had accidentally written a book. The manuscript sat on my hard drive for over one year. Every time I would think about the content and inspirational messages sprinkled throughout our story my inner voice would whisper ever so gently ‘share your story’. As the whispering grew louder, I finally gave in to the voice and said, ‘why not?’

Whether I am at a book event, speaking on stage or being interviewed on radio programs about Tasting Rain (my best-selling & award winning memoir), I proudly share my secrets of success openly that define hope, happiness and healing. I believe that the role our thoughts play in governing the direction of our lives is critical. If this ordinary woman could achieve something extraordinary I know it is possible for you too.”

She continued, “Tasting Rain was the catalyst that opened doors to new and exciting opportunities. In order to promote and share my story with the public I had to become a public figure. I attend health & wellness shows, women’s events, conduct grief seminars and do readings at local bookstores or special events. I have been the special invited guest to a number of local book clubs and guest speaker at conferences, expos and fundraisers. From these types of public events people are drawn to me and feel safe to share their stories or troubles with me. Time after time I had been asked if I do personal coaching. When you consistently hear remarks like that you have to pay attention and I did. I have gone back to school in order to obtain my professional certification in Solution Focused and Systemic Coaching.

Coaching will still allow me the time to focus on my other passion – writing. I am presently working on my second book and hope to have it completed by the fall of 2012. The outline for my third book is coming along quite nicely. I will continue to listen to my soul and will only stop writing once it tells me to.

In order to be an effective coach, I was determined to get myself properly educated in this field. I researched and found a reputable college that has a global presence in over 36 countries and is highly regarded by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

I am in the planning and marketing phase of building my coaching business. I am specializing in the field of personal and professional transition. Change is inevitable and sometimes difficult to manage alone. I look forward with anticipation and excitement to partner with future clients who are willing to do the personal work in order tap into their extraordinary talents to live the life of their dreams.”

She explained how she coped through her loss, “I focus and celebrate what I had as opposed to what I lost. I write and read. I go for long walks. Spend time alone or with close and valued friends and family. I listen to music that either soothes my soul or makes me feel like dancing. I bathe myself in the positive and choose not to drown in the negative. But if I had to name one specific thing that helped me the most – hands down it would be laughter. I will always be grateful that my sense of humor has been and continues to be healthy and alive. Life without laughter is completely unimaginable to me.”

Kim described how she has honored herself through this experience.

“To move forward I trusted that my spirit would not abandon me. I believed it would get me through the long and dark days during my grieving process. As I slowly found my way back to reality and rediscovered my ‘new’ self, my spirit became stronger. My internal spirit would not allow cancer to make me a victim. My spirit guided me, as it had done so many times in the past when coping with harsh realities in life, to be a survivor. To honor my spirit, I vowed to live out the rest of my days with love, patience, compassion and with no regrets.”

She shared her contact information, “Should any of your readers like to contact me directly they can do so by sending an email to or using the contact form found on my website

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