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Jeff Cannon's new life, continued...

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Jeff Cannon talked about his current condition.

“Today I still have one tumor in my head. I call it my own Simple Truth. My doctor is still astounded that it has stopped growing completely since my surgery and my new start. I never returned to the world of advertising. Now I teach others how to find, and live by, their own Simple Truth. I work with individuals and even corporations through my new company – The Simple Truth Project – to help them find the balance I now enjoy.”

His purpose, “I look at it as my mission to empower, enable, and ensure others have the opportunity to transform their lives by finding and living through their own Simple Truth and the lessons I learned.

In a way, by learning to give back, I have been able to give forward. By looking at my experience as a gift, rather than a devastating, life altering trauma, I have been able to revisit my own life with a new sense of appreciation. I have also been able to realize that we truly cannot control the world and events around us. We can only control how we respond to them. Which is my ultimate message to those I work with: focus your energy on changing the relationship you have with the world around you, and you will change yourself in a very positive way.

It’s funny, but in so many ways, the very event that caused me to lose everything I once thought was so important, was the very reason I am now living a life I am passionate about, thankful for, and eager to grow every second of every day. In so many ways, these things are gifts, if you allow them to be.”

Jeff described his book in more detail, “My book, The Simple Truth: Meditation for the Modern World is part autobiographical and part guide to living a better life by being true to who you are; your own Simple Truth. This is the path to being happy, to feeling good about yourself, and most important, to achieving the reason you are alive, right now, right here, today. Through my experience, I found my passion and turned it into a life I know love, instead of one I always wondered about.

In my book I provide my readers with a proven way to reduce stress, minimize the distractions that keep them from reaching their goals, and how to over-ride more than 40,000 years of programming that undermines their happiness. I combine Western science with Eastern practices to deliver a step-by-step approach to transforming your life. There are no religious overtones or ideas.”

He has received positive feedback about his book. Jeff included a quote from one of his readers, “The writing and tools are clear and convincing. He clearly lays out ways to connect to your health on a physical, mental, and spiritual level in very concrete terms. As soon as I started reading this book I began thinking of others I wanted to pass it on to or buy a copy for.”

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