Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anything is possible, continued...

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I really never get tired of talking about positive thinking. I believe that the emotions and words you put into your world actually create a mirror image of the same. Of course we always worry and it is tough to overcome this but if you can distract yourself with inspiration, it really does help you stay on track. Anxiety and fear, when it rules your life, is extremely toxic. It fuels more of the same. To overcome it, you have to embrace the vulnerability of your situation and push forward gambling you will conquer all. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't but I can guaranty if you don't succeed, you will learn from the experience. Sometimes we have to figure out what not to do first but perseverance and mindset does set the stage for your outcome. Of course you have to follow through with action that fits into your vision.

I find, for me, a written agenda helps me to keep pushing. I have a long-term goal with detailed items described. For example, I want to pay off my home with a book contract. I believe this is possible. Now, keep in mind, I've only self-published a book at this point. It is a start on my publishing journey. I interview many published authors and I love that I'm able to do this. It keeps my mind on target as I learn from all of these individuals. I'm excited about this and I can't wait to check it off of my list someday!

Share a dream of yours with me, how are you moving towards it?

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