Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Add spring to your step, continued...

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Okay, I'm just like most everyone else when it comes to stepping it up with the weather change. I love the sunshine and by just feeling a bit of it, it helps to motivate my exertion level. I also love checking out new areas. My boyfriend is supportive so when I put a map in front of him, off we go!

As of the last couple of weeks, I've been quite lethargic. I'm been fighting a throat virus and I feel like I'm finally on the tail end of it. Needless to say, my energy has been very low. I gave myself a break from my health routine during the month of February. To date I've lost 19 pounds. If you've been following my progress, my number should be rounding 25 instead of 20 but, like I said, I gave myself a break from the rigors of my own rules. I set a goal to lose 5 pounds per month starting November of last year. I'm happy with my progress. This number wasn't aggressive but I knew if I just kept at it, it would add up.

My next challenge is to keep myself from backtracking too much next month while on a cruise with my family. I'm an avid cruiser and I've gained as much as 8 pounds during past cruises. YIKES, I've got to work hard to avoid this!

I'll keep you posted. Drop me a note and let me know how you're doing, I would love to know!

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