Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Power of belief, continued...

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As I wrote my article and as I create this blog post, I continue to think about my biggest challenge and all of the pieces I have to strategically put into place for success. I’m talking about my business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC and my latest endeavor, my 2nd book. In my business I work to reach out to others in an attempt to soothe their pain by helping them push forward. My creative efforts support this mission. I work from the heart and I’m slowly gaining momentum. As my website gains activity, my network develops. It is progress I’m grateful for. With each idea I welcome my anxiety as a short lived step to encourage me to challenge this fear and succeed. Today, I’m working to find a publisher for my book (which is a work in progress). My first soft cover book, What Can I Say When Words Escape Me, being present in times of sorrow, was self-published and I’m extremely proud of the piece. I’m ready for the next step and I trust, through my effort, I will partner with the right publisher to make this happen.

I have found that when I change my psyche by replacing the words want or need with the word trust, my whole essence transforms. It changes the unsure energy to a given. This small difference in perspective engages my body, which takes on a new stance, and it sparks my spirit, which fuels my curiosity and surfaces my competitive nature. This is one time where, I believe, it is okay to tap into your ego and use it in your favor. It is time for the ego to kick you in the butt in order to help get your blood flowing.

Every day I am amazed by the power of thought and the power of our words. Chosen wisely these choices can help you become your best or they can create your worst nightmare.

Create positive change in your life, you are worthy of your best!

What are you struggling to overcome? Leave me a note and let me help.

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