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It took six years for my body to heal, continued...

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Stephen Thompson continued, “I learned that my upbringing was based on willpower, and in my case, willpower failed. I tried that for two or three years into my recovery, and I went backwards. It took a change in my perspective to begin healing.
I had to go into surrender, and patience, and learn to love myself regardless of my conditions. So, in my case, my upbringing actually slowed me down. I was taught to work harder, faster, and smarter. After forty years of life, I had to entirely reframe how I viewed life.”

He described his passion and how he fulfills it.

“My passion is teaching. This began even when I was recovering in physical therapy. I would teach those around me how to do what I had done. My passion was to share the knowledge that each person has tremendous personal power, and you can use it to move your life forward in a positive way. This has lead me to the teaching arenas of mentor, motivational
speaker, and workshop instructor.

First, I fulfill my passion by practicing what I teach. I have a regular morning meditation that helps be get quiet and focused on what the day holds in front of me. Then, my teaching goes into action as I work with clients in person, and on the phone. I also take my lessons into online videos, teleseminars, and the creation of new workshop material.”

Stephen is reaching our through his book. “Our book is about Common Sense Living. I notice that life today is often experienced by a bigger, better and faster motto. While this constant access to people and information can create endless opportunities, it can also be accompanied by an increase—or overload—of stress. And when we’re stressed, we lose sight of common sense solutions.

That’s why my wife and I put this book together. We want people to understand that they can take charge of their own life. And, that it doesn’t have to be difficult—it just has to be practiced. Through our powerful and efficient techniques taught in this book, each person has the opportunity to minimize their personal stress levels and enjoy a more optimal quality of life.”

Stephen’s intention, “My goal for the future is to direct our It Just Makes Sense series into areas of society that need the most attention—people dealing with addiction, eating disorders, and high levels of stress, like returning veterans and college students. My wife and I have dedicated ourselves to making a positive difference in this world—leaving a legacy where people can have confidence, clarity, and passion as they find, and fulfill, their life’s purpose. I will continue to learn and grow, and share this knowledge with those who are ready to take responsibility for their own positive personal growth."

He detailed ways to reach him.

“I can be found in many ways. I have lots of information on our website, On our site, readers can download a FREE common sense toolkit, which offers more tools to use to decrease stress in
everyday life.

You can also find me on Blogtalk Radio Tuesday nights at 9pm Easter/6pm Pacific.

I also have weekly clips added to our youtube channel:"

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