Friday, February 10, 2012

Hallmark Holidays, continued...

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My boyfriend and I do not really get crazy on Valentine Day. We, of course, spend time together and we'll probably go out for a bite to eat but we don't spend a bunch of money on each other. We do not need a holiday to remind us to do something special. When we have spare time, anytime during the year, we try to get away. Sometimes this might be a drive North, other times we hop on a plane for a couple of, kid-free, days together. Many times, I'll grab my camera and he'll drive me around to certain parks and/or nature areas/paths we haven't explored and we'll spend time getting the perfect shot. Last time we did this, he took his Ipad and we had a blast.

What are you doing on Tuesday? Whatever it is and whomever your with (even if you are by yourself) make it special!

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