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An ex bipolar manic depressive, continued...

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Matt McCovann continued the interview by offering advice to anyone struggling with depression.

In his words, “My best, simplest piece of advice is this: learn to ask yourself (or God/The Universe/etc) better questions (every day). Don't ask ‘Why am I so depressed? or How do I stop feeling so depressed?, ask What can I do to feel a little more happiness today?. Ask yourself What if my life was blissfully happy -- what would it look like and feel like, and what would I be doing to feel that good?’ Life is about focus. What you focus on becomes your reality (day after day). Write a Bliss-List (favorite things to do in an average day) and a daily bliss diary (noting anything that made you feel good, so you start to feed a happiness-virus within your own life and mind. Always remind yourself: depression is not bad and it's not who you are, it's just a symptom of your mental programming... and you can choose a new set of mental programs at any time.”

His advice to someone serving a supportive role, “There's so much to say here, take hope that MOST forms of depression can be eradicated completely, and I believe that ALL forms can eventually be managed naturally (without drugs). It's a step-by-step process of re-programming the mind, body, behaviors and habits (which is what my first book is all about). It's not hard; it just takes a little commitment, time and patience. Keep reminding your suffering loved one that you believe in them and love them, no matter what. But also remind them that there's more than enough bliss and happiness out there for everyone, including them -- they just have to keep looking for it in their own lives. Get them to write a Bliss-List and a daily bliss diary (see above).”

Matt explained how he continues to embrace health, “It has been getting increasingly better for the last 6 or more years. The important thing to realize is that from the place of feeling suicidal, just feeling angry is actually an improvement, so each step and each incremental shift towards the blissful place I find myself these days is very important. It's the accumulation of all those incremental changes and shifts that form the major shift over time. The reason I wrote my first book was to fast-track the process for people, so they didn't have to wait 6 or more years before their life was dramatically different. I think the main thing that keeps me on track (besides my lovely wife and 2 young children) is the buzz and anticipation of where my life might go next. Once you begin to see your reality change to mirror your new beliefs, you want to keep improving your beliefs about life! Perhaps it's my one remaining addiction — personal evolution.”

He discussed his book, “My book, Feel The Magic in Your Mind, is a set of tips, tools and techniques to improve your mental and emotional experience in life. These are the same ideas and approaches that I have used to eradicate depression in my own life. Initially it works to simply reduce depression and the need for escapism (the fore-runner of destructive addictive behaviors) and increase the experience of good-feeling emotions. However, there are several layers to the book that open up as your life moves forward. So I believe that even those who are not clinically depressed, but perhaps just dissatisfied with their life on some level, will still get a lot out of reading it. The more open you become to the ideas, the more you'll experience bliss (even if nothing much changes in your circumstances). It's about learning to live a life you love.”

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