Sunday, February 26, 2012

An ex bipolar manic depressive, continued...

Photo of Matt provided by Matt McCovann

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Matt McCovann continued the interview by offering advice to anyone struggling with depression.

In his words, “My best, simplest piece of advice is this: learn to ask yourself (or God/The Universe/etc) better questions (every day). Don't ask ‘Why am I so depressed? or How do I stop feeling so depressed?, ask What can I do to feel a little more happiness today?. Ask yourself What if my life was blissfully happy -- what would it look like and feel like, and what would I be doing to feel that good?’ Life is about focus. What you focus on becomes your reality (day after day). Write a Bliss-List (favorite things to do in an average day) and a daily bliss diary (noting anything that made you feel good, so you start to feed a happiness-virus within your own life and mind. Always remind yourself: depression is not bad and it's not who you are, it's just a symptom of your mental programming... and you can choose a new set of mental programs at any time.”

His advice to someone serving a supportive role, “There's so much to say here, take hope that MOST forms of depression can be eradicated completely, and I believe that ALL forms can eventually be managed naturally (without drugs). It's a step-by-step process of re-programming the mind, body, behaviors and habits (which is what my first book is all about). It's not hard; it just takes a little commitment, time and patience. Keep reminding your suffering loved one that you believe in them and love them, no matter what. But also remind them that there's more than enough bliss and happiness out there for everyone, including them -- they just have to keep looking for it in their own lives. Get them to write a Bliss-List and a daily bliss diary (see above).”

Matt explained how he continues to embrace health, “It has been getting increasingly better for the last 6 or more years. The important thing to realize is that from the place of feeling suicidal, just feeling angry is actually an improvement, so each step and each incremental shift towards the blissful place I find myself these days is very important. It's the accumulation of all those incremental changes and shifts that form the major shift over time. The reason I wrote my first book was to fast-track the process for people, so they didn't have to wait 6 or more years before their life was dramatically different. I think the main thing that keeps me on track (besides my lovely wife and 2 young children) is the buzz and anticipation of where my life might go next. Once you begin to see your reality change to mirror your new beliefs, you want to keep improving your beliefs about life! Perhaps it's my one remaining addiction — personal evolution.”

He discussed his book, “My book, Feel The Magic in Your Mind, is a set of tips, tools and techniques to improve your mental and emotional experience in life. These are the same ideas and approaches that I have used to eradicate depression in my own life. Initially it works to simply reduce depression and the need for escapism (the fore-runner of destructive addictive behaviors) and increase the experience of good-feeling emotions. However, there are several layers to the book that open up as your life moves forward. So I believe that even those who are not clinically depressed, but perhaps just dissatisfied with their life on some level, will still get a lot out of reading it. The more open you become to the ideas, the more you'll experience bliss (even if nothing much changes in your circumstances). It's about learning to live a life you love.”

If you would like to contact Matt or learn more, click here to explore his website,

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And, explore his Facebook book page.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Learn to be fluid, continued...

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I am always amazed by nature's impact on our lives. It has such a powerful and peaceful touch. I do believe our bodies are part of nature. I love the thought that both our make and the world's surface consist of more than half of water. Anytime I am near water, I can feel its energy in my core.

I'm not sure if this is because I'm a Cancer, which is a water sign or not (I haven't really dug into the world of tarot but I believe there is something to it). I'm sure when I see a river flowing, I feel it also. It is peaceful and grounding for me.

The idea that we can learn to flow as a coping mechanism to get through challenge in a healthy manner is life altering. Breathe this in, make it part of your essence.

Does it impact you like it touches me? Leave me your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Power of belief, continued...

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As I wrote my article and as I create this blog post, I continue to think about my biggest challenge and all of the pieces I have to strategically put into place for success. I’m talking about my business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC and my latest endeavor, my 2nd book. In my business I work to reach out to others in an attempt to soothe their pain by helping them push forward. My creative efforts support this mission. I work from the heart and I’m slowly gaining momentum. As my website gains activity, my network develops. It is progress I’m grateful for. With each idea I welcome my anxiety as a short lived step to encourage me to challenge this fear and succeed. Today, I’m working to find a publisher for my book (which is a work in progress). My first soft cover book, What Can I Say When Words Escape Me, being present in times of sorrow, was self-published and I’m extremely proud of the piece. I’m ready for the next step and I trust, through my effort, I will partner with the right publisher to make this happen.

I have found that when I change my psyche by replacing the words want or need with the word trust, my whole essence transforms. It changes the unsure energy to a given. This small difference in perspective engages my body, which takes on a new stance, and it sparks my spirit, which fuels my curiosity and surfaces my competitive nature. This is one time where, I believe, it is okay to tap into your ego and use it in your favor. It is time for the ego to kick you in the butt in order to help get your blood flowing.

Every day I am amazed by the power of thought and the power of our words. Chosen wisely these choices can help you become your best or they can create your worst nightmare.

Create positive change in your life, you are worthy of your best!

What are you struggling to overcome? Leave me a note and let me help.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blessings from my mother, continued...

Photo Cover of Michael's book.

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Michael Brown’s story gives hope to all Mothers who do not feel “loved” by their children (especially teenage children).

He’s had such a beautiful relationship with his mother, I’m sure her passing was life-altering.

I asked him how he had coped through the bereavement of his Mother's death.

Michael’s answer, “One big way I coped with it was by writing my book, You Are a Gift to the World. That really helped me to process her death. Also, going to bereavement groups, and allowing myself to feel the full sadness of losing her: going to a men's group that I attend, grieving and taking her ashes and throwing them into the ocean. All of this helped me cope.”

He described his book and how it will benefit readers.

In his words, “I wrote the book to a specific intention. That the reader will have an experiential knowing that they are a gift to the world in a way that will propel them into fulfilling their life purpose with grace and ease. The book is engaging and by facilitating the reader to have an experience of seeing and cultivating the gift that they are.”

Michael’s closing words, “You are a gift to the world, whether you think you are, or believe you are, or feel like you are or not, you are in fact a gift to the world. You are here for a purpose. You are being used by something for something, whether you believe that or not. Your purpose will be fulfilled with or without your permission, with or without your will. It might as well be with your will because I think it will make your life a whole lot easier and flowing.”

Click here to explore Michael’s website,

You may contact him through his website or by calling him (760) 504-9631.

Type of soul, continued...

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My article tonight is really about the power of self-expression. It is about what lights your fire and creates a sparkle in your eye. I'm talking about your soul and how you engage it to manifest celestial glory in your life. I am a very creative soul. Anytime I can tap into this mind, body and spiritual connection by using my imagination and hands to bring to life a work of art, it is therapeutic. The more I engage this talent, the more peaceful and passionate I become. It grounds me.

What type of soul do you have? How are you engaging its growth in your life? Leave me a comment and share your journey with me!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From despair to hope

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I have spent many years working through past anger. And, yes, as the article insinuates, anger is a symptom of hurt. I think my ultimate hurt is a result of my divorce. Talk about layers of love, hurt and anger, this experience has exemplified them all. I've lived many years with resentment for the lack of effort my ex put into our marriage and into raising healthy children.

It wasn't until the last few years, after looking inward and embracing healing through my creative efforts, was I able to let go of these negative feelings. My anger was a result of my hurt. I committed to spending my life with this person, I gave all of my love and, it wasn't enough for him. This hurt me. It was the ultimate betrayal. But, what I hadn't realized, at that time, was he didn't accept and love himself. All of the stuff going on inside him, hidden under his own layers of hurt and anger, didn't allow him to come from a place of love. He didn't love himself enough to ultimately love me.

Today, I've forgiven him and I wish him well. Because of this, I've found a love greater than anything I could have ever imagined. Had I not worked through my layers of anger and hurt, I wouldn't have opened myself to this great love.

It is my hope for you that you're able to find your greatest love. If you want to bring love into your life, start by letting go of anger. It manifests miracles!

If this resonates with you, leave my your thoughts. I want to hear them.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It took six years for my body to heal, continued...

Photo of Stephen Thompson taken by Diane Clifford of Diane Nicole Photography.

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Stephen Thompson continued, “I learned that my upbringing was based on willpower, and in my case, willpower failed. I tried that for two or three years into my recovery, and I went backwards. It took a change in my perspective to begin healing.
I had to go into surrender, and patience, and learn to love myself regardless of my conditions. So, in my case, my upbringing actually slowed me down. I was taught to work harder, faster, and smarter. After forty years of life, I had to entirely reframe how I viewed life.”

He described his passion and how he fulfills it.

“My passion is teaching. This began even when I was recovering in physical therapy. I would teach those around me how to do what I had done. My passion was to share the knowledge that each person has tremendous personal power, and you can use it to move your life forward in a positive way. This has lead me to the teaching arenas of mentor, motivational
speaker, and workshop instructor.

First, I fulfill my passion by practicing what I teach. I have a regular morning meditation that helps be get quiet and focused on what the day holds in front of me. Then, my teaching goes into action as I work with clients in person, and on the phone. I also take my lessons into online videos, teleseminars, and the creation of new workshop material.”

Stephen is reaching our through his book. “Our book is about Common Sense Living. I notice that life today is often experienced by a bigger, better and faster motto. While this constant access to people and information can create endless opportunities, it can also be accompanied by an increase—or overload—of stress. And when we’re stressed, we lose sight of common sense solutions.

That’s why my wife and I put this book together. We want people to understand that they can take charge of their own life. And, that it doesn’t have to be difficult—it just has to be practiced. Through our powerful and efficient techniques taught in this book, each person has the opportunity to minimize their personal stress levels and enjoy a more optimal quality of life.”

Stephen’s intention, “My goal for the future is to direct our It Just Makes Sense series into areas of society that need the most attention—people dealing with addiction, eating disorders, and high levels of stress, like returning veterans and college students. My wife and I have dedicated ourselves to making a positive difference in this world—leaving a legacy where people can have confidence, clarity, and passion as they find, and fulfill, their life’s purpose. I will continue to learn and grow, and share this knowledge with those who are ready to take responsibility for their own positive personal growth."

He detailed ways to reach him.

“I can be found in many ways. I have lots of information on our website, On our site, readers can download a FREE common sense toolkit, which offers more tools to use to decrease stress in
everyday life.

You can also find me on Blogtalk Radio Tuesday nights at 9pm Easter/6pm Pacific.

I also have weekly clips added to our youtube channel:"

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hallmark Holidays, continued...

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My boyfriend and I do not really get crazy on Valentine Day. We, of course, spend time together and we'll probably go out for a bite to eat but we don't spend a bunch of money on each other. We do not need a holiday to remind us to do something special. When we have spare time, anytime during the year, we try to get away. Sometimes this might be a drive North, other times we hop on a plane for a couple of, kid-free, days together. Many times, I'll grab my camera and he'll drive me around to certain parks and/or nature areas/paths we haven't explored and we'll spend time getting the perfect shot. Last time we did this, he took his Ipad and we had a blast.

What are you doing on Tuesday? Whatever it is and whomever your with (even if you are by yourself) make it special!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Truth means God, continued...

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It surprised me that when I looked up the meaning of truth in the Encarta dictionary that the 1st word listed was God. I do believe in God and I am someone who tries very hard to live a truthful life. I work to choose a higher road whenever challenge surfaces. I live with ethics and I'm proud that my heart is genuine and sincere. I believe this truth is my lifeline to spirituality and to God. It all connects together in the grand scheme of things.

What are your thoughts? Am I tipping over the line by attributing truth to God? Leave me your thoughts.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Susanna Barlow and cruelty she endured, continued...

Photographer for photo of Susanna Barlow is Marie Nielsen

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As the interview article shared, Susanna Barlow grew up in an abusive childhood in a polygamist family. She described how she was able to move out of this world.

She explained, “For a girl one of the only ways to get out of the environment was marriage. For some sisters, marriage was just another similar environment to the one they had come from but for me, I was determined it would not involve abuse. I insisted on being twenty years old before I was married. Arranged marriages were common and the single man I married at age twenty was a total stranger to me. Nevertheless, I felt I was strong enough psychologically to stand up to him, if necessary. Shortly after we were married he began to question the religion and doctrines that both of us had been raised believing. We both left the polygamous lifestyle and broke off relationships within the culture soon after. It was not a dramatic affair. It was more of a personal journey.”

Susanna talked about her family ties today, “It took some time after I left the community for the real authentic relationships to percolate and rise to the surface. Some of my dearest and closest friends are my sisters. There exists a deep love between the siblings of a similar age that shared in the abuse and starvation. I often refer to them as my war brothers and sisters. A deep understanding that goes beyond words is felt and is a great comfort. My father and mother have come to terms with my choices and I feel that even though my relationship with them is not what I would hope for, it is honest and real. The abuse is no longer a secret. Anyone who feels that they cannot hear the truth simply avoids talking to me. But most of my brothers and sisters have come to terms with this. (On a side note, nearly half of them have left the culture.)”

She not only survived but she found health again, mind, body and spirit. Susanna shared, “Healing is so personal! There is no manual for it, and what inspires one can backfire for another. There are as many paths to healing as there are wounded people. I suppose the main ingredient to healing for me has been a desire to not let the abuse control my life and my personality. I wanted to be free from it. I found that ignoring it and moving on was not freedom but a kind of grim resignation that I had to live with the heavy chains of suffering all my life. Sure, I was used to carrying those chains of suffering and it certainly would have appeared to others that I was fine. But on the inside it was a slow poison that was killing me. Forgiveness became my guide. I had to understand forgiveness and learn to apply it or my soul would wither and die. When I speak of forgiveness I am not referring to common definitions of the word. I spent a dozen years reading, studying, and doing personal contemplation to understand the mystical meaning as well as the practical application of forgiveness. What I have discovered has led to profound healing in myself. Forgiveness for me, my own definition of it is this: Forgiveness is making room for more. Traditionally the concept of forgiveness is about letting go and loving the person, event or thing that was the cause of suffering. While that is part of the process it is only a small part. The real challenge was to make room for the abuse, the pain, the humiliation and suffering within my soul, my being. Rather than push away, dissolve, fix or correct it, forgiveness is an act of honoring and making space within me to allow those things. When there is space— there is not pain. It only hurts when you are trying to make it go away. Forgiveness does not absolve anyone of anything. It only opens one up for a complete and whole understanding. Forgiveness has been the foundation of my own healing.”

Her past has shaped her future, she clarified, “My own past of abuse has not haunted me as much as it has galvanized my determination to raise my children with love, to promote freedom from pain and suffering and to respect all human beings as equal. It has determined my value system and given me personal experience to understand human suffering and cruelty. I believe it has made me a better parent, wife, friend and person. My past has been like a giant boulder thrown in my path. Instead of that boulder being an obstacle that blinded me and left me a victim it became the foundation upon which I have risen up and built a better life for my family and myself."

Susanna’s advice to someone who feels imprisoned by life’s circumstances, “Everything you need to change your life, to achieve happiness and success is inside of you. The power is yours; you were born with all the ingredients to make your life everything it was meant to be. Don’t look outside of yourself for answers or compare yourself with others but look within. It is all there!”

Her closing words, “My life and my passions are inseparable. To live anything but a passionate life is no life at all. I have responsibilities of course; raising six children, running a household with school, braces, horse riding lessons and all the other activities but all of those things are brightened and enhanced by the thrill of living in harmony with my interests and joys. Writing fulfills me in ways I could never have imagined. It is as necessary to my life as breathing and eating. I love poetry and find it the most challenging kind of writing. I have written humorous skits, and boring business letters and I feel so complete after having written. Reading is also a deep passion that satisfies me and has enriched my life. I like to be physically near books, I love the words inside of books, the covers, the smell of them and of course reading and talking about them with other book lovers. Painting in all mediums is another joyful passion as well as drawing and sketching. Art is the essence of my passionate self. I have a deep love for animals as well.

Everything I have been through and experienced has informed my writing, my art and my relationships. Life is my passion.”

You can contact Susanna, read inserts and/or buy her book and learn more about her through her website, Susanna

Friday, February 3, 2012

Obsession is unhealthy, continued...

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I can't really think of a time when I was obsessed with something. The closest I can come is when my father was in hospice and I wanted to make sure he didn't die alone. I was crazed with the idea of him passing without a loved one holding his hand. I spent a lot of my time filling in slots (when someone else couldn't sit with him) even after I fulfilled my shift. I did think about it every minute I wasn't there. It overwhelmed me. This only lasted over a month before he passed but had he lived for many months and/or years, I might not be sane today.

I was there holding his hand along with other members of our family when he passed. I was sad but grateful we could be with him.

I've never chased someone who wasn't interested in me. This type of obsession seems to be common.

What are your thoughts about this? I would love to hear your comment.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Higher self guidance, continued...

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I have realized through past experiences (mostly bad ones) that when I feel pain and sorrow and I allow this energy to sit with me, my higher self extends its helping hand. Yes, I still have to feel the pain but it is my inner knowing that teaches me, "This to will pass." I'm sure that there is something bigger than me with my best interest at stake that I'm able to channel. And, the path to its presence really does start within.

What are your thoughts about the existence of a higher self? Good, bad or indifferent, leave me a note.