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You can be healed, continued

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Janice Baca continued with words of survival, “My faith was the key to my survival. I knew there was someone bigger than me who loved me. I knew I had someone to talk to on a personal level – someone who really knew my heart. When you know you have a friend in the night, in the day, and in your secret places, there is a peace.”

Her advice to soldiers deployed, “One thing I learned is that deployments will either make you or break you. But when you are broken, like I was, it doesn’t mean you failed. It means that a greater person will be birthed through the process of the breaking.
I tell my soldiers to have a conversation with God. Know that you have a friend who is bigger than your situation. This friend can’t fail or be defeated. This friend loves you.”

Janice also offered advice for a soldier’s loved ones, “It is painful for a soldier to be deployed. The soldier is only thinking about his or her family. In fact, it becomes an obsession on their mind. They carry a photo of their loved ones in their pocket. They race to mail call anticipating they will get a letter to treasure. The pain and disappointment of not getting a letter is beyond explanation. It’s a feeling that family got too busy for them. When their thoughts are always on you, your thoughts are on other things.
Write to your deployed military member; daily, if possible. Call them if you can. Pray for them. It’s a very lonely, sad place.”

She shared more of her story, “Me and my son being deployed together brings a special bond. When he can’t open up to anyone else, he knows he can open up to me. He shares things with me that he can’t tell anyone else.
When military members are deployed together, they develop a bond that is even greater than a bond of family members. The ‘battle buddy’ bond is a trust that your life is safe in their hands; a feel that can’t be described.

I’m there for my son. He speaks to me when he experiences troubled times. He knows that during hard times he can trust me to be there for him as a battle buddy."

Janice described her book, “God’s Healing Plan tells the bizarre story of my and my son’s military deployment experience during the time of war. Although I tell the details of my story, the story is only to serve to display that I too have suffered a great deal of pain. The main point of the book is the detailed, step-by-step healing plan I provide in Part II. As a registered nurse, I felt the need to put together a healing plan for my own healing. This plan became the very plan that saved my life. Therefore, I decided to publish this plan and provide it to readers in order to save their lives as well.
I provide the beginning of my testimony to the wonderful effects of the healing plan; one that offers hope and encouragement to all who read it.”

She works to inspire, “Sometimes the pain can be so bad you don’t see the way out. Even though you may have a book with answers in your hand, the pain can blind you. But there is a way out and I can help you see the path ahead.

You were created for a purpose – a very special purpose. You are not a product of your parents love, lust, or desire. You were specially created with a wonderful life in mind.

If you need help finding purpose in your life, or if you need help getting healed, I can help you walk out of the painful fog that surrounds your life. However, you must want your life to change for a greater purpose. You have a choice – I recommend you choose life.”

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