Thursday, January 12, 2012

Measured by sacrifice, continued...

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Sacrifice, I believe, is a word that any genuine mother truly understands. My mom devoted most of her life to raising 4 healthy kids in circumstances that most couldn't fathom. My life, as an adult, was much more comfortable although my kids have always come first. First above my true passion, I sacrificed my dream as an artist to create a career that supported a comfortable life style as apposed to the starving artist world I envisioned. Today, I'm in the starving artist world and my modest income is slowly growing. My kids are in their late teens and, to date, they do not know what it is to want. We've been fortunate and as they leave the nest, they'll see me come to life in a new career that starts with more intangible benefits. I'm sure someday I'll reach monetary comfort through my work but this is something, today, I am willing to sacrifice as long as possible. This sacrifice gifts inner peace!

What are you sacrificing to better yourself and others? Leave me a note!

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