Sunday, January 22, 2012

An adventure in paradise, continued...

Photo of Marshall provided by Marshall Lubin

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Marshall Lubin shared a bit about his life today, “I was very much influenced by the travels in my early years. I'm extremely independent, and have found only working for myself to be satisfactory. I'm very good at giving orders, not so good at taking them. Running my own Chiropractic clinic was perfect for me.”

His passion, “I currently have two, the first is sailing. Spending fourteen months on a 56' ketch sailing around the world was the experience of a lifetime. I now have sailing and the sea running through my veins. I love the water, sail on it, scuba dive under it and swim through it during the summer months. My second passion is helping others. During my early journey I saw both good and bad in the world. I saw others that were not very fortunate. On the other hand I seemed to be sent on a voyage of discovery and learning that was beyond my wildest dreams. I believe others should have those opportunities, too. So now, I blend both passions. I am a volunteer sailor with Challenged America. I help the disabled by taking them sailing on Martin 16's, a boat designed specifically for the disabled. They actually sail the boat and I help guide them.

I volunteer regularly and try to sail every two weeks, if possible. Additionally, I write an article for the monthly newsletter @ Challenged America.”

Marshall talked about his book, From Boys 2 Men, an Adventure in Paradise, “It chronicles the two-year around the world journey of two teenagers. Their adventures, surprises, conflicts and challenges, romance, incredible places and experiences could never have materialized at home.

The book is written to motivate, empower, and inspire others to do the same as I did. There's an incredible world outside the boundaries of our country, wonderful people, and exciting adventures awaiting those that dare.”

You can order his book, read more about Marshall and contact him through his website,

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