Sunday, January 29, 2012

The world's Jollytologist, continued

Photo provided by Allen Klein

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Allen Klein discussed the science behind laughing, “When we are laughing, every system in our body gets a workout.
-Our heart rate goes up, and then dips below normal again after we stop laughing which is very much like aerobic exercise.
-Our breathing gets deeper, thus bringing more oxygen to our blood and brain, helping us to think clearer.
-Sometimes we cough after or during a good laugh clearing our lungs.
And, sometimes we laugh so much and relax our muscles so much, that we pee in our pants. I guess we leak when we laugh.”

He offered advice relative to the sensitivity of making light of a situation.

In his words, “You always have to listen to the other person. Are they ready to interact with you in a playful way? Do you know them well or not? Do you know what just happened before your visit?

The best way to make light of a situation is to listen to the other person and take your clues from them. If something funny comes up in your interaction, great, you can both share a laugh together. If something sad comes up, great, you can both cry together. Don't force the laughter.”

His work offers inspiration. Allen shared, “My latest book shows people how to embrace life after a loss. It is Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying. It contains the five steps for going from loss to laughter: Losing, Learning, Letting Go, Living, and Laughing.

I also have two recently published uplifting motivational books containing over 600 inspirational quotations each. They are:
Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas, and, Inspiration for a Lifetime. All three are available in a paperback format as well as on Kindle and Nook."

You can email Allen, and/ or visit his website.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New year resolution update, continued...

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As we watch the calendar turn, I thought it was time to touch base and tally our success or failure on New Year resolutions. First, in 2010 I felt it was appropriate for me to "roll back" my weight loss efforts and start them before the holidays so for the 2nd year in a roll, I started mine on November 1st. In 2010 I lost 8 pounds from November through January and then I proceeded to put them back on during the rest of the year. My goal was to lose 50 pounds. I FAILED! In 2011 my goals was to lose 5 pounds per month until I reach a fifty pound objective. So far, I'm passing. I lost 5 pounds in November, 5 pounds in December and I'm at 2 1/2 pounds so far for January. I believe I can continue this goal. I find myself eating a little crazy (my crazy is so much healthier than it used to be) for the first 1/2 of the month and then I get serious the 2nd half, but regardless, it is working!

My success, I believe, is my comfort level with allowing myself to fully feel hungry before I eat. I didn't really do this before. I ate when I knew I would be getting hungry, when I was bored or to feel better. This is not the case now.

Because I started my resolution in November, I was able to set another for me on January 1st. This was to quit cussing. So far, I give myself a B for my effort. If you knew me previously, I cussed quite regularly. So far, this year, a word might slip once or twice a week but I've made a big difference and it feels good!

How are you doing? Please drop me a note to talk about your success or failure. It really does help!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Using shape as a coping mechanism, continued...

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As an artist I tend to see things as shapes. Not necessarily the outer outline of an object or situation but more so the shapes of the shades and patterns that make it up. This is how I taught myself to draw. I used to turn the picture upside down so I could force myself to see a break down of shapes and then draw one small portion at a time until eventually the picture came together like a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps this is where my “out of the box” creative thinking originated.

I think most people think of their body shape, especially in January when the word is brought up. Regardless of what you think of, the idea of the article is to help you utilize this word as a way to cope as apposed to a negative in your life.

What are you thoughts?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

An adventure in paradise, continued...

Photo of Marshall provided by Marshall Lubin

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Marshall Lubin shared a bit about his life today, “I was very much influenced by the travels in my early years. I'm extremely independent, and have found only working for myself to be satisfactory. I'm very good at giving orders, not so good at taking them. Running my own Chiropractic clinic was perfect for me.”

His passion, “I currently have two, the first is sailing. Spending fourteen months on a 56' ketch sailing around the world was the experience of a lifetime. I now have sailing and the sea running through my veins. I love the water, sail on it, scuba dive under it and swim through it during the summer months. My second passion is helping others. During my early journey I saw both good and bad in the world. I saw others that were not very fortunate. On the other hand I seemed to be sent on a voyage of discovery and learning that was beyond my wildest dreams. I believe others should have those opportunities, too. So now, I blend both passions. I am a volunteer sailor with Challenged America. I help the disabled by taking them sailing on Martin 16's, a boat designed specifically for the disabled. They actually sail the boat and I help guide them.

I volunteer regularly and try to sail every two weeks, if possible. Additionally, I write an article for the monthly newsletter @ Challenged America.”

Marshall talked about his book, From Boys 2 Men, an Adventure in Paradise, “It chronicles the two-year around the world journey of two teenagers. Their adventures, surprises, conflicts and challenges, romance, incredible places and experiences could never have materialized at home.

The book is written to motivate, empower, and inspire others to do the same as I did. There's an incredible world outside the boundaries of our country, wonderful people, and exciting adventures awaiting those that dare.”

You can order his book, read more about Marshall and contact him through his website,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Areas of expertise, continued...

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It's funny when you think about it, the traits I listed in the article, Mothering, Compassion and Creativity, were traits that I had with me since I can remember. If I would have just realized that these were going to be the most important to me when I was young, I'm sure I would have made a bigger impact utilizing them in the world by now. Better late than never, right!

I've been racking my brain day and night trying to figure out how to move my work forward so I can reach as many people as possible. I know there are many individuals suffering that need help. They need hope, inspiration and creative thinking to move beyond their darkness. If you know anyone who can use support, help me and reach out to them. Let's make the world a better place together. By connecting with one another, we can conquer anything!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Motivation to get up

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The article was inspired by the times I crawled into bed in the fetal position and dreaded the AM duty. Those were the days when I had to get up and fight with unethical business people most of my day. When you know your day will be filled with drama, it isn’t too motivating to get up.

When I was eventually let go from this position and after I got over the initial shock, I realized I was motivated about life again. Yes, I was overwhelmed and worried about paying my bills but suddenly I could greet the day with excitement. Instead of going back to the same miserable environment, I gambled on living my dream. It is so invigorating to fuel your dream, even during the grunt years!

Do you have fire in your belly for life? I’m not talking about ulcers, I’m talking about desire. Drop me a note and tell me about it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Change the meaning of war, continued...

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In my article I said, "As communicated by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor in her book, My Stroke of Insight (discussed on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday), we, as part of the human species, share 99.9% of identical genetic sequences. There is only a 100th of 1% difference between us genetically speaking," and this fact really left me feeling off balance. The fact that we are so much alike and, in turn, have so little differences, but choose to fuel these differences with negative energy, is really alarming.

War starts with indifference and the lack of acceptance of such indifference. It involves ego without heart. Thoughtlessness, action without compassion for the human race. It is time to shift our thinking and to focus on how much alike we are instead of the insignificant difference.

How does Dr. Jill's information about our identical genetic sequences impact you? Share your thoughts with me, I'm interested in them!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You can be healed, continued

Courtesy of CCL Photography

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Janice Baca continued with words of survival, “My faith was the key to my survival. I knew there was someone bigger than me who loved me. I knew I had someone to talk to on a personal level – someone who really knew my heart. When you know you have a friend in the night, in the day, and in your secret places, there is a peace.”

Her advice to soldiers deployed, “One thing I learned is that deployments will either make you or break you. But when you are broken, like I was, it doesn’t mean you failed. It means that a greater person will be birthed through the process of the breaking.
I tell my soldiers to have a conversation with God. Know that you have a friend who is bigger than your situation. This friend can’t fail or be defeated. This friend loves you.”

Janice also offered advice for a soldier’s loved ones, “It is painful for a soldier to be deployed. The soldier is only thinking about his or her family. In fact, it becomes an obsession on their mind. They carry a photo of their loved ones in their pocket. They race to mail call anticipating they will get a letter to treasure. The pain and disappointment of not getting a letter is beyond explanation. It’s a feeling that family got too busy for them. When their thoughts are always on you, your thoughts are on other things.
Write to your deployed military member; daily, if possible. Call them if you can. Pray for them. It’s a very lonely, sad place.”

She shared more of her story, “Me and my son being deployed together brings a special bond. When he can’t open up to anyone else, he knows he can open up to me. He shares things with me that he can’t tell anyone else.
When military members are deployed together, they develop a bond that is even greater than a bond of family members. The ‘battle buddy’ bond is a trust that your life is safe in their hands; a feel that can’t be described.

I’m there for my son. He speaks to me when he experiences troubled times. He knows that during hard times he can trust me to be there for him as a battle buddy."

Janice described her book, “God’s Healing Plan tells the bizarre story of my and my son’s military deployment experience during the time of war. Although I tell the details of my story, the story is only to serve to display that I too have suffered a great deal of pain. The main point of the book is the detailed, step-by-step healing plan I provide in Part II. As a registered nurse, I felt the need to put together a healing plan for my own healing. This plan became the very plan that saved my life. Therefore, I decided to publish this plan and provide it to readers in order to save their lives as well.
I provide the beginning of my testimony to the wonderful effects of the healing plan; one that offers hope and encouragement to all who read it.”

She works to inspire, “Sometimes the pain can be so bad you don’t see the way out. Even though you may have a book with answers in your hand, the pain can blind you. But there is a way out and I can help you see the path ahead.

You were created for a purpose – a very special purpose. You are not a product of your parents love, lust, or desire. You were specially created with a wonderful life in mind.

If you need help finding purpose in your life, or if you need help getting healed, I can help you walk out of the painful fog that surrounds your life. However, you must want your life to change for a greater purpose. You have a choice – I recommend you choose life.”

Did Janice’s story resonate with you? If so, leave a comment and tell me about it.

Click here to contact Janice through her website.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Measured by sacrifice, continued...

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Sacrifice, I believe, is a word that any genuine mother truly understands. My mom devoted most of her life to raising 4 healthy kids in circumstances that most couldn't fathom. My life, as an adult, was much more comfortable although my kids have always come first. First above my true passion, I sacrificed my dream as an artist to create a career that supported a comfortable life style as apposed to the starving artist world I envisioned. Today, I'm in the starving artist world and my modest income is slowly growing. My kids are in their late teens and, to date, they do not know what it is to want. We've been fortunate and as they leave the nest, they'll see me come to life in a new career that starts with more intangible benefits. I'm sure someday I'll reach monetary comfort through my work but this is something, today, I am willing to sacrifice as long as possible. This sacrifice gifts inner peace!

What are you sacrificing to better yourself and others? Leave me a note!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Her story is life altering, continued...

Photo of Emma provided by Emma Mildon

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Emma forwarded the below introduction when I prompted her for an overview for my readers.

“Emma Mildon is a well-known Australasian columnist who boasts a substantial publicity platform already from her ties in the Public Relations scene. A Bachelors Degree in both Journalism and Public Relations from Ryerson University in Toronto Canada and Auckland University in New Zealand gives her a combo of talents that allows her to produce and publicize her work.
Her column, 'Why Do Men Have Nipples' is widely followed throughout the teenage community in Australasia and is featured on the teen hit website, 24/7girl. Her column also made the “Online Teen Top Clicks” in a survey in Girlfriend Magazine, which included a New Zealand and Australian survey audience of 15-27 year old females.

Working as a Public Relations Manager throughout Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Asia means that the author’s little black book of media contacts are a backing force behind the launch of License to Love. Mildon already has launch concepts in the pipeline and friends in the right places who are backing License to Love to be the ’next big teen read’. Her ability to pitch and network is a skill vital to any successful book and author’s career and the publicity plan behind License to Love looks just as successful as the book itself.

On paper her life looks rather cherry and successful, however the lost of her mother to cancer at age 16 was the turning point for her to explore spirituality, grief, depression, enlightenment and discovering how to deal with all of her thoughts and emotions - a journal...a journal which sparked her love for writing.”

I can’t imagine struggling with the loss of a parent during the most troubling time of my life, as a teenager. I wondered how Emma coped with the loss of her mother.

Her response, “At first I didn't, I lost it. I was a teenager after all! I rebelled, fought endlessly with my father, snuck out, drunk, partied - I buried myself in self-pity, why me? I had been adopted, and now the women that adopted me had died - that was a bit of bad luck don't you think!

As I grew older I explored past lives, guardian angels, meditation, spirituality, crystal healing, reiki and connected all of my life experienced in a positive light. I had gotten through all of these challenges so I could teach and support others who would experience them. I began to see myself as an earth angel, seeing the bigger picture to life.

I began to write out my feelings, experiences and healing process - it began a coping tool. I began to track signs, feathers I would find on my doorstep, adamant they were messages from my mother or angels. I began to connect with my higher self leaving grief behind me, and seeing the lesson I could learn from her passing."

She described her mom's death.

"My mother, Margaret Mildon, passed away when I was 16, nine years ago now. She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and given a shot life expectancy of 3 months without treatment. Selflessly she chose treatment, believing the family and me needed the time to except her fate.

As she got worse she loss her voice, the morphine would often send her off into other worlds. I become a caregiver for her, which was very healing to me as a teen, I felt I could give back her motherly love she had given me when she had adopted me.

Every night I would sit with her, and I remember just wanting to hear her tell me she loved me - like any daughter would need at a time like this. We spoke with our eyes a lot of the time. She was a woman with a lot to say, so I am sure her mute state frustrated her more than it did me!

2 years later she went out fighting. Before her last breath she took a look over her left shoulder and smiled. Someone was there, angel or relative. This also sparked my spiritual curiosity.

Everyone left the room except for me, I don't know what made me stay there, but I felt like she had something to say. (Crazy I know as she was dead!) Just then a song clicked on the radio, the lyrics sung,

‘Saying I love you,
Is not the words,
I want to hear from you,
It's not that I want you,
Not to say but if you only knew,
How easy,
it would be to show me how you feel,

More than words,
is all you have to do,
to make it real,
Then you wouldn't have to say,
that you love me,
Cause I'd already know...’

A song called more than words, which I hear come on the radio from time to time, and always reminds me of my mother’s messages of love.

After I had healed enough from losing my Margaret I began to volunteer at the local hospice, providing support to mothers and daughters experiencing cancer. I became a friend, a sounding board and shoulder for other women who were left behind. I felt like the more people I could help, the better. Finally deciding to write a book about what I learned so I could help others around the world.

License to Love was the result of all the experiences, journal entries and love lost. The book is now set to raise money for Ovarian Cancer, with a percentage of all sales going towards the charity. It is a cancer with takes away too many mothers with too little warning.”

You can connect with Emma through her website LicenseToLove where she encourages you to share your story with her.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

To be elevated, continued...

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I love the feeling of elevation especially when it is spiritual elevation. When my spirit soars, it does feel out of body in a good way. The article discusses the feeling I get at a Detroit Red Wings game, unfortunately, I've not had the money to go to a game in quite a while, but I'm sure I'll get there again. I know this feeling comes from the connection of everyone in Joe Louis Arena with a common faith, faith in our hockey team. A great sermon gifts the same feelings and going to church is more local without the high price tag admission.

I joined a local art group, Ann Arbor Woman Artist and I'm hopeful that this year, I'll push myself to be more involved. I'm sure the common interest and faith in creativity will do wonders for my spirit.

How will you elevate your spirit in 2012?

Drop me a note and tell me about it!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rebirth in 2012, continued...

You have to harness your courage to find your way through the darkness of hardship.

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Every year I feel like I go through a transformation of some sort. This year I've come into the year 10 pounds lighter. I attribute this to my past efforts (look at my previous articles for more detail) in regards to emotional detachment and eating. I set a goal to lose 5 pounds a month starting in November and to date, I've achieved my goal. I will continue it through the upcoming months and the loss so far, is motivating me to reach farther.

My passion for Healing Arts is growing in leaps and bounds. I've been inspired to write my second book and the words are flowing effortlessly. I'm extremely excited about my future and it is my hope that you are even more excited about yours! Send me a note and let me in on your thoughts.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prison Creative Arts Project, continued...

Photo provided by Buzz Alexander

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As I have matured into an adult and especially over the past 10 years, I have come to realize that we are all very much connected in the human race. Even those individuals who are imprisoned are much like you and me.

I once knew a person who ran a shelter where I used to volunteer. She helped others who where coping through domestic violence. As I worked with her I discovered that she was one of the most loving and compassionate women I have known. Later I found out she had served many years in prison for killing her husband who had been beating her though out their long-term marriage. The little time I spent with her has changed me forever. She helped me to let go of my judgmental bias towards not only prisoners but others in general. Unless you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, you will never truly know what lead them to their offense or horrible decision or if they’ll find health in the aftermath. This is their demon to battle and hopefully overcome. All we can do is try to find the compassion to be kind and supportive, to come from a place of love. This can be very difficult.

This compassion and nonjudgmental presence is overflowing from Buzz Alexander. I admire this most about him. You all know how difficult it is to let go of judgment and, when doing so, it has to be sincere or it is obvious.

Buzz has a genuinely warm soul. It is apparent in the success of his prison arts work over the past 20 plus years.

He has been published several times but his latest book, Is William Martinez Not Our Brother, provides further insight about his work.

He shared, “The book basically talks about everything we’ve done, our values and methodology. We now have 226 associates (former members of PCAP who are engaged in social justice work all over the world). I talk about the art show and quote what the prison artists say about the impact of the Annual Exhibition. I also talk about the impact of the classes and the workshops. There is also a chapter on mass incarceration and much more!”

Click here to purchase a copy of the book.

If you have any comments, for Buzz or myself, feel free to open a conversation. We would like to hear your thoughts.