Sunday, December 11, 2011

She was the only survivor, continued...

Photo of Darcy Keith taken by Sears Photography

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Examiner article

I applaud Darcy for her strength and perseverance. Her story is awe-inspiring. Most would shy away from such a traumatic scenario. No one chooses to be involved in a fatal car crash during the prime of their life but when it is forced upon you, you can choose to pick up the pieces and make the most out of the circumstances or stop living. Darcy chose to live and to live with intent. She lost several friends in the car crash and suffered mentally and physically. She had to completely start over. Today she funnels all of her energy into coaching others on how to achieve remarkable success and overcome anything that attempts to block this journey. Darcy genuinely leads by example. The world seriously needs more courageous people like Darcy Keith!

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