Sunday, December 4, 2011

He is a humanitarian leader, continued...

Photo of Buzz provided by Buzz Alexander

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I whole-heartily believe there is holistic life healing powers gifted through the creative process. The work of Buzz and all who are involved in his Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) offers testimony to my belief.

I was curious about how the program was started. Buzz discussed its origin.

In his words, “Two women, Mary and Joyce, enrolled in the University of Michigan from prison. They wanted to take the course, English 319. I went with two other students to the women’s facility and met with these 2 women. We did theater exercises and learned about incarceration. I asked them to sit down and write questions for us. They came back and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ This was the most important question. They asked, ‘Are you interested in the prisoners?’ We had to speak honestly and from our hearts to explain what was bringing us there. They were asking us very difficult questions about what we would have done in their situations. At the end, one turned to the other and said that we need to bring this to the whole prison. It was at the Florence Crane Women’s Facility in Coldwater, Michigan.

Sixty women came to the first workshop, where a lot happened. I told them we would be coming back every week and 22 years later we’re still working with them!”

If you or anyone you know is interested in this program, (to volunteer, donate funds, and/or take Buzz Alexander’s courses, click here to learn more and make contact.

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