Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emotional detachment and eating, continued...

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If you follow my column, you know over the past 2 years I have shared my diet goals both in successes and failures. I’ve embraced many healthy eating practices in hopes to find a positive health impact. I gave up sugar for 7 months to find that I was neglectful in this effort because I replaced my diet of sugar with sugar-free products to discover they may be sugar free but not calorie free. I did lose a couple of pounds but I really didn’t feel healthier.

I gave up red meat for 1 month (I love steak too much to give it up for longer) and I really do not believe it made much of a difference in how I felt. This might be because I don’t eat red meat everyday, maybe once or twice a week normally. I'm sure if I were to give up meat all together, I would make a positive health impact although I'm not sure I would ever want to do this.

I’ve given up goodies and pop for months at a time and, yes I felt better but I usually crash and burn when I fall off of the diet wagon. I hit hard and then I seem to make up for lost time.

Over the years I’ve tried yoga, palates, MMA conditioning, the gym, a personal trainer, workout buddies and so on. But, ultimately I’ve not been able to tie a great workout schedule with a healthy diet. It seems if one is going great, the other isn’t. I’m now working to mesh these two efforts so they compliment each other nicely.

This latest effort and the inspiration for my article is working for me. When I’m feeling healthy (I fail if I’m fighting a cold or flu), I am finding a way to view food in the light of day (in more of a non-emotional calorie perspective).

I must admit, at first, I was a little sad to try to remove my emotions from my nutritional needs because I love to eat. The bottom line is though, I can still eat, I just have to do it more appropriately, when my body is hungry not when my emotions are pushing for the need of a pick me up.

This is really big for me. I started trying to embrace this new thought process November 1st, 2011. Today on December 1, I’m 5 pounds lighter. I’m hopeful I will continue to lose 5 pounds a month throughout the holidays. Time should tell.....

Do you have any tips for healthy dieting? If so, leave me comment, I’m open to your thoughts.

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