Friday, December 16, 2011

The best gift, continued...

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Unconditional love, it is such a great concept. It is one that I try very hard to keep at the center in my core; mind, body and spirit. I must admit though, I do wonder astray on this one. I am sometimes judgemental when I see someone who looks threatening or menacing. I force myself to make eye contact and to smile, sometimes this breaks the ice, other times it is not the case. I try to practice being compassionate to everyone regardless of the way I initially feel.

Of course if this impression is one where I need to be cautious, I first follow my instinct. But, if my impression is one that is influenced by ego, I work hard to push passed it.

This is a mantra I created to help me stay on track. I believe in its words whole-heartily!

The greatest circumference of human kind embraces all by loving through its center, the heart, where bias doesn’t exist.

What are your thoughts about unconditional love, are you open to it?

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