Saturday, November 19, 2011

Teen emotional immaturity and drugs, continued...

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Their are 4 teenagers in my household and I am working diligently to educate and make sure they are continually saying no to drugs. As they have communicated to me, drugs are everywhere in their world especially Marijuana. This horrifies me. I spoke to a Michigan State police officer and he told me that in many local schools Heroin is the drug of choice. This scares me. I can't imagine these kids justifying such drug use.

I think today it is very difficult to keep a handle on teen interface considering technology. There are so many on-line avenues; cell phones, x-box, computers and so on. They have a lot of time on their hands and if you're not working to keep this focused in a positive direction, peer pressure and other factors will step in.

As I said before, many teens communicate they would never drink and drive but they won't think twice about getting behind the wheel after smoking a joint. This is really crazy to me. They can justify the influence of marijuana in a belief they're able to control its influence.

I think we just keep reinforcing the truth, work to keep them in-line and hope they make healthy decisions when they are young adults and have the freedom to choose.

What are your thoughts?

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