Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sailing the seas, continued...

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Photo of Pamela Bitterman (provided by Pam Bitterman)

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Pamela talked about the loss of the ship, “Although I had been a newbie know-nothing swabbie myself when I initially boarded the Sofia in Boston Harbor nearly four years earlier, I had earned my sea legs over time and nautical miles. When the ship went down, and a life was lost while sixteen others were put in mortal danger, I was Acting First Mate, second in command. This fact changed forever the impact of the event in my life. I knew I would miss the Sofia for as long as I lived. I would dream of her, romanticize about her, grieve for her, and ponder my part in her life and her loss.”

Instead of denying her passion, Pamela preserved through the adversity she suffered and continued to push forward embracing her love for the water. As detailed in the article, she and her husband incorporated their passion in the upbringing of their children.

Are you neglecting a passion because you feel there isn’t a fit for it in your life? I hope Pamela’s story inspires you to better prioritize the love of your life into your daily path.

Click here to purchase a copy of Pamela’s book, Sailing To The Far Horizon; The Restless Journey and Tragic Sinking of a Tall Ship. She shares her story at sea in great detail in this book.

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