Saturday, November 26, 2011

Limitations you must overcome, continued...

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I have a lot of self imposed limitations or to be more honest fears. I have also overcome many in the past. I overcome and persevere and then look forward and discover more. My life has been a winding path of challenges and pain that I have climbed over, stomped on and found victory within. It will become a great book someday. I'm already working on it.

I've always feared living the life as an artist, which is my passion. Today, I'm doing it. Each day is filled with anxiety but each day I figure out a new way, embrace another idea and push forward mostly in baby steps. Many times I feel like I'm standing still and going no where fast. Then someone writes me about a line in my book that touched them or comments on my column or piece of art and I suddenly feel warm and appreciated. You see, I know I am a creative and compassionate person. I have always made success at any project I ultimately embrace with my mind, body and spirt. Many of the people who know me, think I am a very courageous individual. This is not true. I am actually quite fearful and weak inside.

I just don't let my fears hold me back. I battle the fear most everyday. Some days, it wins but most of the time, I eventually kick its butt. In my business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC., I have just begun my quest to help others heal through art. I have many limitations and one by one, I'm pushing through them. My passion to reach others and help them heal through creativity and art is a necessity. I am making the world a better place one creative piece at a time.

How are you fueling your passion? Leave me a comment.

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