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Healing began, continued...

Photo provided by Candace Talmadge

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I'm sure many people can relate to Candace’s story and the fact that she is feeling healthy today is inspiring!

She shared in further detail some of the challenge she overcame.

Candace detailed, “1986—I’m 32 and in big trouble with undiagnosed anxiety disorder. Not being good at selling myself, my career as a freelancer is a real challenge. I take a fulltime job for three years between 1991 and 1994 and then am laid off and have not had a fulltime job since.

My panic disorder was rooted in fears that seemed so natural to me that I was not able to put a name to them until late in 2009. About a decade earlier, I had lost the hearing in my left ear and it was finally diagnosed in 2006 as an acoustic neuroma. This is a non-cancerous tumor on the ear nerve that has to be removed or it will continue to grow and cause big problems (like death).

When I asked my guides why, they pointed out that I was never willing to hear the good news, so I didn’t need two ears. Hmmm….

Back to late 2009, just a few days before Christmas. My right ear (the one that still works) became 95% plugged up with wax, and I had to go to the doctor to have it removed. I didn’t know it was ear wax and spent 30 horrible hours fearing I would go deaf. Actually, I was dreading it, and was finally able to put a name to that emotion.

In early 2010, Jana and I did a Sunan session in which we asked God to take back the dread that didn’t belong to me but was in fact one of God’s many emotions upon creating us.

I learned from this that all of us are walking around with emotions that literally do not belong to us but which trouble us greatly. God will take the load off provided we ask and are ready to let go of it. I was more than ready to let go of dread that wasn’t mine.

In June of 2010, I tripped over a speed bump in a parking lot and could not get up without help. The helplessness I had felt all my life became apparent, and while my fractured fingers healed, I let go of helplessness that was not mine, giving it back to God.

Fascinatingly, the trouble swallowing that had been getting worse steadily as I grew older simply vanished. I no longer had food stuck in my throat as I often did before, choking on helplessness that was not mine.

That fall, I was getting better at recognizing those background emotions that I had always felt, even without cause. I realized another one of them was anxiety. I often still felt anxious for no apparent reason. On Thanksgiving morning in 2010, I got up early and lay out the couch in the living room, pondering anxiety and how crippling and unhelpful it can be.

Then I felt a voice saying, 'Now you know how I felt, and what a long struggle it was for me to release anxiety.'

That was God, and I know it and celebrated, and thanked God for my Thanksgiving Day visit. Of course God took away the anxiety that wasn’t mine, and slowly I have felt my anxiety diminish, with occasional spikes. Anxiety is a real bugbear—for God and for me. But slowly, anxiety drains away. (Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.)

Early in 2011, I realized that I had always felt enormous frustration, and obviously some of it wasn’t mine. I asked God to take what wasn’t mine. The effect of that letting go has been slow but building over time. Stuff that once might have gotten me all wound up just doesn’t bother me anymore. Whew!

Instead of overcoming anything, I free myself by releasing that which keeps me locked to it—self-judgment, or hanging onto emotions that literally are not mine and thus I have no power to heal them. We can heal only that which truly belongs to us, which is why we cannot heal other people, only ourselves.”

It is my hope you will learn from Candace’s journey. Anyone who is or has been frozen by fear can appreciate the courage Candace had to embrace to move forward.

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