Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and life, continued...

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Examiner article

Halloween takes on a whole new meaning as an adult especially when you look at it from the perspective in my Examiner article. The article was inspired, this year, by my real life goblin. It is one that was trying to overpower me with fear. It manifested as a lump in my breast. I was able to push through my anxiety and take additional tests to eventually sit in front of a breast surgeon for another opinion. I ended up getting the lump or benign cyst (this is what the doctors thought it might be) drained and tested to assure me it wasn't cancer. The whole process was scary but necessary. The thought of wondering if it was cancerous would have been toxic for me in the long run.

Many woman have braved this scenario some with similar outcomes and others who suffered through much more severe outcomes. I'm happy to put it behind me and breath easier today. I'm also happy to celebrate this Halloween!

What goblins have you triumphed over? Leave me a comment!

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