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She helps others heal, continued...

Photo of and provided by Marilyn Redmond

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Do you believe in past life regression? This is Marilyn Redmond’s explanation of it.

In her words, “Past Life Regression is a form of guided meditation into a deeper consciousness where you connect with your soul. At this level without the fears and qualms of the conscious state, you can explore the circumstances that occurred that still affect this present life. You do not feel the feelings at this level, but can observe them to understand the bigger picture of why the experience happened. With this knowledge you then can reframe the experience into a positive loving outcome, forgive the person if necessary, and see how you can handle your life more effectively today and not continue the pattern from the past. This deep level of understanding dispels the hidden emotional boogieman. I have many stories of realizations that brought instant answers of what a client or I needed to change for the results we wished. One of my clients still is amazed because she has never felt lonely again after her session. Childhood regression clears away the trauma, drama or root causes of this lifetime fears and lack of harmony. It brings healing for moving out of the past into the ‘Now’, too. The more old issues are released, the closer to healing your soul.

In addition, regression for healing medical conditions is practical. You can talk to your body and ask why you have the condition and what can you do to heal it. One client heard from her body consciousness the most loving ways of what she needed to do to restore her balance for health. She was able to stop her thyroid medications from this information.”

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