Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life echo, continued...

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To me, echoes really gauge your livelihood. For example, when I take on too much "to do's" and overwhelm myself, I end up, as a consequence, suffering bad health. I'll get headaches from the stress along with many other issues. These symptoms echo the lifestyle I'm enabling at the time. Now, when I'm prioritizing meditation, exercise, plentiful sleep and healthy eating, I feel an inner peace manifested. This energy echoes my environment and choices whether good or bad.

If you want to change your sense of being, change your actions. Start by thinking how you can positively affect the world and make an effort. This effort will echo back to you. It will create motion that is energizing. Move forward with peace and love at your core and you'll feel this essence around you. You can make this happen. Create an echo that reflects your authentic self and this will fuel your spirit!

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