Monday, October 17, 2011

Fear of change, continued...

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I have, for the most part, pushed through change when it has presented itself in my life. Regardless how big or little, I have faced it straight on. On the surface I look brave but inside I'm always a mess. And, in the aftermath, regardless of the outcome, I'm always sick to my stomach from the stress. But, I have to admit, the more I do something, the easier it gets.

The shift I'm embracing today and I've been wrapping my mind around over the past couple years, has been a transition from a payroll position to my own business. The business of reaching out to others with a message of Life Healing Art; that creativity is a healing gift. I believe this with my whole soul and my passion for this is overpowering. I'm now working to help others find this holistic path. It is both the most rewarding and the most challenging endeavor I've ever taken on and the work has just begun! I will continue to push forward embracing this work and believing in myself and my mission. I'm hopeful it will take off and I'll retire in this humanitarian role. Will this be a successful business? I hope so but maybe not. Will it be a personal success for me regardless? Absolutely!

Regardless of the outcome, I am fueling my passion and this is enabling my spirit to soar. It is where I need to be right now and, as difficult as this is, I am sure I'm supposed to taking this journey.

Tell me about the change in your life right now. I'm curious.

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