Friday, October 28, 2011

Attribute holy in your life, continued...

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Sometimes as we move through life and we let challenges get to us, our actions might not reflect our holy existence. Yes, as curse words flow and we embrace toxic foods and drinks, we're not reflecting our best selves. But regardless of how you are living your life, the miracle of the breaths you are taking is holy. Yes the essence of you reflects a holy experience. If it is possible to keep this thought in the forefront, it is possible to treat yourself better and, in turn, make healthier choices.

We all want to be better people sometimes though, life seems to get in our ways.

This article was inspired by my weight and overall health today. My outer reflection today is not representative of my holy self. But, my hope exists in the "knowing" that within me there is a seed of holy. And, when I energize this thought, it beams through me and shapes my outer self!

Today, I choose to move forward embracing the holy in me. How are you moving forward?

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