Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dedicated to light dark places, continued...

Photo of Angel drawing created by Marilyn Redmond

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When I read about Marilyn Redmond’s story it inspired me. It amazes me how someone who has suffered such tragedy is able come from a place of love. It warms my heart and gives me hope.

During the interview, Marilyn talked about the healing powers of love, western medicine and holistic approaches.

She shared, “Holistic medicine takes into account that you are not a machine with moveable parts, but a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Quantum physics is the basis for new medical protocol in raising the energy of the person, instead of the old paradigm of Newtonian physics. This puts balance into your life in all parts of your being. Eating properly, mentally cleaning out old beliefs, transforming negative emotional energy into positive and meditation raises your consciousness into a healthy state of being. Replacing anything toxic with love is the answer to health. Love does the healing anything else distracts from the process of moving into a higher consciousness. Any toxic substance as medications masks the symptoms and does not allow the root cause to heal. However, sometimes, western medicine is very practical as surgery for broken bones and emergency help as in heart attacks.”

What are your thoughts about holistic and western practices? Leave a comment, I’m curious!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Attribute holy in your life, continued...

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Sometimes as we move through life and we let challenges get to us, our actions might not reflect our holy existence. Yes, as curse words flow and we embrace toxic foods and drinks, we're not reflecting our best selves. But regardless of how you are living your life, the miracle of the breaths you are taking is holy. Yes the essence of you reflects a holy experience. If it is possible to keep this thought in the forefront, it is possible to treat yourself better and, in turn, make healthier choices.

We all want to be better people sometimes though, life seems to get in our ways.

This article was inspired by my weight and overall health today. My outer reflection today is not representative of my holy self. But, my hope exists in the "knowing" that within me there is a seed of holy. And, when I energize this thought, it beams through me and shapes my outer self!

Today, I choose to move forward embracing the holy in me. How are you moving forward?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A life full of rich health, continued...

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This article was prompted by individuals in my family. It reminds me of my Dad (who I miss dearly and he is no longer with us) and of his old school thinking. He believed that once you went to the doctors and, if they had to open you up for anything, you would die. This was his experience with many beloved ones he had known. But, what he didn't consider was the people he had been talking about didn't keep up with any type of medical care during their lives.

I believe that if you care for your body and go to the doctors for physicals, mammograms, colonoscopies etc., basically the check ups the doctor is recommending, the odds are you will not be in stage 4 of cancer when it is discovered as apposed to you going to the doctors for the first time once it is too late.

Yes, I understand anything can happen but generally speaking I believe it is more important to have 50 healthy years than 80 miserable painful years. I don't allow the side affects of Tylenol to keep me from relieving my headache. If it takes 5 years off of the end of my life, so be it, I would rather live a shorter and more comfortable life.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

She helps others heal, continued...

Photo of and provided by Marilyn Redmond

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Do you believe in past life regression? This is Marilyn Redmond’s explanation of it.

In her words, “Past Life Regression is a form of guided meditation into a deeper consciousness where you connect with your soul. At this level without the fears and qualms of the conscious state, you can explore the circumstances that occurred that still affect this present life. You do not feel the feelings at this level, but can observe them to understand the bigger picture of why the experience happened. With this knowledge you then can reframe the experience into a positive loving outcome, forgive the person if necessary, and see how you can handle your life more effectively today and not continue the pattern from the past. This deep level of understanding dispels the hidden emotional boogieman. I have many stories of realizations that brought instant answers of what a client or I needed to change for the results we wished. One of my clients still is amazed because she has never felt lonely again after her session. Childhood regression clears away the trauma, drama or root causes of this lifetime fears and lack of harmony. It brings healing for moving out of the past into the ‘Now’, too. The more old issues are released, the closer to healing your soul.

In addition, regression for healing medical conditions is practical. You can talk to your body and ask why you have the condition and what can you do to heal it. One client heard from her body consciousness the most loving ways of what she needed to do to restore her balance for health. She was able to stop her thyroid medications from this information.”

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What are your thoughts about past life regression? Leave me a comment and/or contact Marilyn directly through her website.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Surrender to life, continued...

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I, as of late, have been struggling with health issues. It seems like as my environment became more overwhelming with additional responsibilities, my health diminished. The more chaos I encountered, the more miserable I felt. Stress is a negative manifestation of my feelings.

It is now my responsibility to myself to re-prioritize my life so that I'm able to emit peaceful and positive energy to change the environment that surrounds me. It only took about 4 months of a diversion from my core focus to knock my balance off from its center.

This validates that I have found my purpose and as long as I'm on this path, Life Healing Art, my being is at its best.

What are your thoughts about energy?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Regret is toxic, continued...

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As an adult I feel pretty good about my choices. I can justify my choices and I have made ethical decisions. Yes, I have still made mistakes but it is mistakes that I can live with; I continue to do my best. But, and this is a big but, as a teenager I wasn't the most ethical individual. I acted inappropriately and I knew better but didn't care at the time. I used to steal just for the thrill of it. It was a challenge to go into a store and pocket make up or something that I really didn't need. This unethical binge lasted a year or so and this time in my life, I am really ashamed of. I was never caught but I have brutally beat myself up for it ever since; it may have been easier if I would have been caught.

Today I am still working on forgiveness. I am freeing myself of this regret and it is helping me to feel healthier and live a better life.

What do you regret? If you feel like letting go, leave me a note and I will let go of any judgement. Hopefully, you'll do the same for me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fear of change, continued...

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I have, for the most part, pushed through change when it has presented itself in my life. Regardless how big or little, I have faced it straight on. On the surface I look brave but inside I'm always a mess. And, in the aftermath, regardless of the outcome, I'm always sick to my stomach from the stress. But, I have to admit, the more I do something, the easier it gets.

The shift I'm embracing today and I've been wrapping my mind around over the past couple years, has been a transition from a payroll position to my own business. The business of reaching out to others with a message of Life Healing Art; that creativity is a healing gift. I believe this with my whole soul and my passion for this is overpowering. I'm now working to help others find this holistic path. It is both the most rewarding and the most challenging endeavor I've ever taken on and the work has just begun! I will continue to push forward embracing this work and believing in myself and my mission. I'm hopeful it will take off and I'll retire in this humanitarian role. Will this be a successful business? I hope so but maybe not. Will it be a personal success for me regardless? Absolutely!

Regardless of the outcome, I am fueling my passion and this is enabling my spirit to soar. It is where I need to be right now and, as difficult as this is, I am sure I'm supposed to taking this journey.

Tell me about the change in your life right now. I'm curious.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

She was permanently disabled, continued...

Photo provided by LJ Fullerton

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LJ Fullerton continues to cope. She described, “Living with a chronic illness is extremely difficult, as it impacts everything about one's life – daily, work or recreational activities, adhering to any type of schedule, as well as the financial burdens. On top of that, is the emotional struggle; the ability to face each day in significant pain, while both loved ones and strangers believe that you aren't feeling that bad, that you just need to get over it, or make the comment well you don’t look sick! It is heartbreaking. The feeling that no one understands paired up with people's skepticism can be very frustrating and devastating and many people spiral into deep depression, or even worse - commit suicide.”

Considering all that LJ has been through, she is pushing for change.

She shared, “I suggest that together the SSA and Congress immediately set up a task force made up of claimants who have actually gone through the SSDI system, that has major input and influence on the decision making process before any final decisions/changes/laws are instituted by the SSA Commissioner or members of Congress. This is absolutely necessary, since nobody knows better about the flaws in the system and possible solutions to those problems, then those who are forced to go through it and deal with the consequences when it does not function properly. As if things are not already bad enough now, they are about to get even worse, as the SSA is facing budget problems, employee layoffs, and office closings, just as the growing numbers of disabled/aging population needs their services more than ever. Congress also needs to legislate that Social Security funds cannot be used for anything other than to pay out benefits and administer the program. It is important that you contact your Congressional representatives on this very important issue.”

LJ continued, “I authored the Social Security Disability Reform Petition, which currently has thousands of signatures and horror stories from all over the nation. They are from people who are like myself, who have either struggled to win, have lost, or are still fighting to get the SS Disability benefits that they are entitled to. I have also written a proposal for Congressional legislation titled the Fullerton – Edwards Social Security Disability Reform Act. I have been fighting so long and hard for these changes, and I only hope I live long enough to see my proposals become a reality. A personal goal of mine is to one day speak before Congress, to raise the awareness of this crisis situation. I have also submitted written testimony for the record several times to the House Ways And Means Committee hearings on various Social Security related issues.

Sadly, many SSDI claimants have lost all their financial resources, their homes, and much needed health insurance. Worst of all, thousands have died while waiting to get their Social Security Disability benefits approved. Remember that disease and tragedy do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex or race. Your whole life can change in an instant. If you think this could not happen to you – you could be DEAD wrong!”

If you take anything from LJ’s story, be inspired by her perseverance and her passion to make the system better for others; learn from her!

Click here for more information from LJ.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life echo, continued...

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To me, echoes really gauge your livelihood. For example, when I take on too much "to do's" and overwhelm myself, I end up, as a consequence, suffering bad health. I'll get headaches from the stress along with many other issues. These symptoms echo the lifestyle I'm enabling at the time. Now, when I'm prioritizing meditation, exercise, plentiful sleep and healthy eating, I feel an inner peace manifested. This energy echoes my environment and choices whether good or bad.

If you want to change your sense of being, change your actions. Start by thinking how you can positively affect the world and make an effort. This effort will echo back to you. It will create motion that is energizing. Move forward with peace and love at your core and you'll feel this essence around you. You can make this happen. Create an echo that reflects your authentic self and this will fuel your spirit!

Do you understand the concept I'm trying to get across? Leave me a note!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pushing for medical support, continued...

Photo provided by LJ Fullerton

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After suffering a bump on the head that caused a blood clot which eventually got infected, LJ Fullerton survived intense constant pain, a coma and major brain surgery.

LJ shared, “A few days before I was scheduled to go back to work, I started having horrible pain again in the back of my head and neck. It started out as a mild stiffness, which increased to pain and very quickly became unbearable. I thought that the Osteomyelitis (bone infection) was back again! I had several doctor visits and tests but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I learned a lot from the ordeal I had been through, and got very efficient at surfing the web. I took my life in my own hands.”

She recalled challenges beyond her health condition, “Being a woman, I find that doctors very often don’t take us seriously; they seem to think that everything is stress or hormone related. I discovered on the web that one of the best tests to show a bone infection is a MRI with contrast, and I insisted they give me one immediately. They put up a fight but I was in no mood to deal with incompetence again. I kept insisting, won the battle, and had the test. I saved my own life this time!”

She explained how her persistence paid off, “The MRI revealed I had a blood clot in my brain in a very dangerous in-operable area – the left internal jugular vein. I had to make the decision to take Coumadin, which is the medical name for Warfarin (RAT POISIN). This was a tough decision because if I didn’t take the Coumadin I would die for sure, and the Coumadin could cause a deadly brain hemorrhage as well. I chose the risk of taking the medicine. As you can see, I made the right choice at the time, but eventually my brain surgeon took me off the Coumadin, after losing a patient who bled to death from a brain hemorrhage caused by the medicine.”

LJ contacted the New York State Medical Misconduct board for an investigation of her medical care although justice wasn’t served.

Her struggle continues to this day, years after the initial accident. In addition to the in-operable blood clot in her brain, she now also has several incurable autoimmune disorders, a brain tumor (En Plaque Meningioma), and is totally permanently disabled.

She talked about her feelings, “I’m not bitter and I’m using the whole ordeal as a learning experience. Hatred is the worse form of disease that anyone can have, it is very destructive, and a waste of time and energy. I believe with my whole heart and soul that it’s very important for my story to be heard by as many people as possible, especially women who are dying by the day, because doctors don’t take their medical problems seriously enough. I’ve heard many horror stories since this happened to me, and people need to know that they must start taking charge of their lives and their healthcare. If they’re too sick to do it themselves they must appoint someone they trust to be an advocate for them. If my boyfriend was not there, I would be dead and if I didn’t take charge when I was functional I would have been dead a second time!”

Follow your intuition, educate oneself and push for 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinions, whatever it takes to figure out the cause. Learn from LJ and push to achieve a healthy you. There isn’t anyone else who knows how the healthy you really feels!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Claim victory, continued...

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It is hard to feel like a winner when you're focused on all of things that are not going right; the upsets. Regardless of how bad things are, you can always find something good hidden within the negative. I continue to do it time and time again. For example, I took on a job which turned out to be short-term and although it has consumed my time and, for the most part, overwhelmed me with stress which has negatively affected my health, it gifted me with a temporary period of good insurance which enabled me to get all of my past due annual medical tests etc, up to date.

Yes, I've struggled with health issues but all and all I do feel better because the short-term health problems will be resolved as I re-introduce more sleep, exercise and healthier food into my new lifestyle. In another week I can start getting my life back on track! I have hope and I am a winner regardless of a circumstantial short-term upset. This I know for sure and, I'm hopeful as I keep writing about it, you'll be able to embrace the same type of mind-set.

Drop me a note and let me know how you're doing!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

One good decision leads to another, continued

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We can all use more good decisions in our lives. This is why I love the Nutrigrain slogan, "One good decision leads to another." It is a pretty awesome and inspirational tag-line that we can benefit from. And, I actually believe the words. When you are focused on the task at hand, allot the appropriate time needed to assess all of your options and move forward considering the best choice relevant to its impact, you are making a good decision. If this practice becomes your routine, guess what, "One good decision leads to another!"

What are some of the slogan's you are fond of? Leave me a note and lets give some positive attention to the ones that help pick us up!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

She continues to heal; child abuse, continued...

Book cover photo, The Forgotten Child: Reclaiming a Childhood Lost to Abuse, provided by Joan Van Eyll

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Joan’s story contradicts the saying that you are a product of your upbringing and environment. She used her pain as a catalyst to help others who haven’t fully claimed their health after suffering abuse.

She shared, “I feel it is part of my journey to assist others who have dealt with some form of trauma to heal from their painful past. It is my fervent hope that those who feel they have lost their voice along the way will realize that there is a better way of life awaiting them at the end of the dark tunnel of abuse. Our life is waiting for us to step into our brilliance; all we have to do is say ‘YES’.”

Click here to explore Joan’s website.