Sunday, September 11, 2011

Human instinct to survive, continued...

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Examiner article

Carl discussed how his experience enables him to reach to others. He explained, “This is my way of paying forward by taking the darkest days of my life and helping others to see the impact of a suicide on the surviving family members. I need to let those who have walked a similar devastating path know that life does go on and that life is for the living. Our scars become an integral part of us as the experiences imprint our souls, but it is what we do with that information that makes us who we are in the end. I lived it and need to share my story first hand so that it will spare others from going through it.”

He offered some crippling details about the impact of suicide. In his words, “Suicide claims more than a million lives each year and leaves more than five million to mourn them. It knows no boundaries; not age, gender, color, race or nationality. Drugs, depression, disease, sexual confusion, bullying, and peer pressures, feelings of desperation and immeasurable levels of inadequacy draw its victims. The only way to thwart this unforgiving beast is to confront it by raising levels of awareness so that it is spoken about rather than looking the other way, fueling the veil of shame and secrecy that keeps it thriving and killing innocent people.”

Click her to visit Carl David’s website and purchase his book Author of Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide (Published by Nightengale Press)

Photo is of Bruce, Carl's Brother; a beautiful soul

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