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His healing ability, continued...

Photo provided by and taken by Carl David

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I’m limited to word count in my Examiner articles therefore I felt it necessary to extend the interview and offer more of Carl’s insight on healing.

Carl explained Distant Healing. In his words, “Sometimes a hands on healing isn't possible because the person in need is far away. That is when "Distant Healing" can be effective. The principles are pretty much the same except that the recipient of the energy is not with you so you have to send the energy to them through the Universe. This is where a meditative state and visualization together transport the healing energy. It is more difficult but is effective.”

When I asked him if anyone or thing could be healed, this was his response.

“If it is meant to be healed, it will be healed. Energy is energy and will infect any living thing it encounters. That goes as well for plants, not just animals and people."

I inquired if he was able to use his gift on himself. He clarified, “I have worked on myself for certain ailments, particularly aspects of pain. Sometimes it works, others not. I can feel the energy as it courses through my hands to the areas where it is needed."

I was curious of his feelings about psychic abilities.

Carl commented, “I think everyone has psychic abilities to some extent. Depending upon the level of openness and their belief system, the ability will differ. My wife has an extraordinary psychic gift. I am constantly in awe of the things she can see; the information she receives. I have also learned, painfully, not to go against her intuition for every time I have in the past, I have paid for it.”

Lastly, I asked if anyone can learn to heal.

His reply, “I think that anyone can learn to heal but they have to be open to it and really 'Know' that they can do it. Some people are far more advanced beings than others and have a natural aptitude, ability or gift of healing.”

Carl is an interesting and passionate person. To learn more about his work and/or purchase his book, click here.

Also, his book, Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide is available to download on the iPad & iPhone in the Apple iBookstore.

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