Friday, September 30, 2011

Parenthood and its journey, continued...

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I was a person who didn't want kids. I liked them from a far. I was on birth control and married for several years when I went to the dentist and was put on antibiotics for a root canal. Little did I know that this medicine would trump my birth control and soon my life would change and for the better.

My son was only a few months old when I wanted another. I think I got pregnant on the first try. I really wanted 2 so they would have the company of each other. Their lives have motivated me to reach levels of success I probably would have never attempted without them. I worry each and every day but I know at this point in their teens they have minds of their own. I have to continue to loosen my grip little by little as they mature and become more responsible. Soon they won't be looking back as they march off to college.

Parenting reaps the worst and best of times, I couldn't imagine my life without them nor would I want to! What are your thoughts about kids? Do they fit in your life? Leave me a comment.

A debilitating memory, continued...

Bring clarity to your fog and release the pain to enable you to move forward!

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A I type tonight in the wee morning hours I'm listening to the rain drops falling on my skylight and glancing at the photo of my father on the shelf. The quiet night hours can be peaceful but also painful. After my dad died I would look at his photo and my chest would tighten and my stomach would ache because I knew I couldn't pick up the phone and hear his voice any longer. It was debilitating. I felt frozen in time, lost and helpless. Today after the last couple of years, I look at his photo and remember the laughs and fun we had. It surfaces light hearted and loving memories.

As time has moved on, and the world continues to turn, I have processed the pain of this loss (and relived it time and time again). Enough times for me to release its hold. It took me a solid 2 years. Yes, I still miss him but I'm able to now focus on the time we had together as apposed to the time we lost.

This is the concept I'm trying to get across in the article. I had to keep living and to find my health again after his loss, I know he'd want it that way. Holding past pain will create an emotional cancer that will take your health in time. It is very serious.

Are you stuck in the past or are you living in the present? Drop me a note and tell me about it, I would love to hear from you!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hearts of healing, child abuse, continued...

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Joan Van Eyll is a true inspiration. She is someone who turned a horrific upbringing into a mission of compassion and hope for others suffering abuse.

She survived and now successfully gives back by empowering others. Her work gives back to her with each person she is able to help.

Joan described, “Seeing the look in someone’s face when they really feel and understand on such a deep level their true value and worth and how incredibly beautiful they are, they realize they are so much more powerful then what they were led to believe.”

If you would like to reach out to Joan, you may contract her through her website, Hearts of

If you are suffering child abuse or know someone who is, click here to get help.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Transcend your life, continued...

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It is easy to use excuses and to let anxiety and fear get in the way of achievement. These fears become the walls of our own mental prison and if we don't push ourselves beyond them, they will eventually close in upon us. It is uncomfortable but healthy to push through fear. It is the necessary key to making the "shift" and to embracing transformation. Transcend your life by pushing beyond boundaries. Embrace the discomfort and eventually replace this feeling with the self-satisfaction of knowing anything is possible as each achievement fuels confidence.

How are you pushing beyond your boundaries? Leave me a note and explain.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good colon health

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Ug, I feel pretty horrible but I know this nasty feeling is for my own good. I'm trying to use my colonoscopy as a starting point (again) for healthy eating. I've decided I'm giving up red meat for 1 month to see if I feel any better. I've never given up red meat so I'm hopeful I'll see a positive result.

This process is really the ultimate detox and less than 12 hours, I'll be back home and taking it easy. As least the procedure is taking place on a Friday so I can just chill out for awhile in the aftermath.

Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Is your doctor recommending one? If so, chin up through the prep and procedure and make sure you're healthy. A clean bill of health is worth so much more than a little short-term discomfort!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

His healing ability, continued...

Photo provided by and taken by Carl David

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I’m limited to word count in my Examiner articles therefore I felt it necessary to extend the interview and offer more of Carl’s insight on healing.

Carl explained Distant Healing. In his words, “Sometimes a hands on healing isn't possible because the person in need is far away. That is when "Distant Healing" can be effective. The principles are pretty much the same except that the recipient of the energy is not with you so you have to send the energy to them through the Universe. This is where a meditative state and visualization together transport the healing energy. It is more difficult but is effective.”

When I asked him if anyone or thing could be healed, this was his response.

“If it is meant to be healed, it will be healed. Energy is energy and will infect any living thing it encounters. That goes as well for plants, not just animals and people."

I inquired if he was able to use his gift on himself. He clarified, “I have worked on myself for certain ailments, particularly aspects of pain. Sometimes it works, others not. I can feel the energy as it courses through my hands to the areas where it is needed."

I was curious of his feelings about psychic abilities.

Carl commented, “I think everyone has psychic abilities to some extent. Depending upon the level of openness and their belief system, the ability will differ. My wife has an extraordinary psychic gift. I am constantly in awe of the things she can see; the information she receives. I have also learned, painfully, not to go against her intuition for every time I have in the past, I have paid for it.”

Lastly, I asked if anyone can learn to heal.

His reply, “I think that anyone can learn to heal but they have to be open to it and really 'Know' that they can do it. Some people are far more advanced beings than others and have a natural aptitude, ability or gift of healing.”

Carl is an interesting and passionate person. To learn more about his work and/or purchase his book, click here.

Also, his book, Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide is available to download on the iPad & iPhone in the Apple iBookstore.

Energy bank, continued...

A positively charged world achieve world peace!

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I am 100% confident that I encompass an energy bank. I just have to overcome the reluctance and challenge that exists in my brain in order to tap into my energy.

Every time I pull into the gym I think, “This really sucks!” Every time I pull away, I think, “I’m so happy I forced myself to workout. I feel so much better.” And, 9 times out of 10 I go home and I’m able to get a bunch more done as apposed to sinking into the couch for junk food and tv.

It amazes me how this core energy really does exist and enables action at will. I love that, regardless of physical feeling, I can put my mind to something and make it happen.

Are you an active person? How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Find your genie, continued...

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If I had 1 wish for a genie, it would be to be free of worry. Yes, I truly believe my words in the article, I harness the power to manifest this wish. I have actually been working on it and I’m 100 fold better than I’ve been in the past but unfortunately the underlying issue still hasn’t been defeated just yet.

I’ve learned that wishing for money doesn’t bring health or happiness. I used to be pretty comfortable financially but the demands of my work left me exhausted both mentally and physically. No amount of money is worth this exchange.

Don’t misunderstand, I do like money but it doesn’t buy true, core happiness.

What would your genie wish be? Let me know, I’m curious!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Human instinct to survive, continued...

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Carl discussed how his experience enables him to reach to others. He explained, “This is my way of paying forward by taking the darkest days of my life and helping others to see the impact of a suicide on the surviving family members. I need to let those who have walked a similar devastating path know that life does go on and that life is for the living. Our scars become an integral part of us as the experiences imprint our souls, but it is what we do with that information that makes us who we are in the end. I lived it and need to share my story first hand so that it will spare others from going through it.”

He offered some crippling details about the impact of suicide. In his words, “Suicide claims more than a million lives each year and leaves more than five million to mourn them. It knows no boundaries; not age, gender, color, race or nationality. Drugs, depression, disease, sexual confusion, bullying, and peer pressures, feelings of desperation and immeasurable levels of inadequacy draw its victims. The only way to thwart this unforgiving beast is to confront it by raising levels of awareness so that it is spoken about rather than looking the other way, fueling the veil of shame and secrecy that keeps it thriving and killing innocent people.”

Click her to visit Carl David’s website and purchase his book Author of Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide (Published by Nightengale Press)

Photo is of Bruce, Carl's Brother; a beautiful soul

Saturday, September 10, 2011

World Prevention Suicide Day, continued...

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I believe most everyone has been touched by suicide. I have an uncle who took his life when I was in elementary school and my ex-husband's cousin took his life as an adult. In my book, What Can I Say When Words Escape Me, being present in times of sorrow, I wrote a piece about suicide. All of my work blends nature and spirituality into words, art and photography. I had a really difficult time doing this composition. I lost sleep for weeks trying to wrap my mind around the thoughts of someone in this mind-set. It was really scary just thinking about this heavy and dark psyche. Eventually, in my writing, I compared its wrath to that of a tsunami. Overwhelming, destructive and out of control.

The message in the article asks that you get involved. The statistic is that for everyone one suicide there are 8 to 25 attempts. This is a means of survival for someone coping with depression. Untreated it results in death. Take a chance, you may just save a life!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Harmonious existence, continued...

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I think a lot of people think I’m crazy because I really do believe that each and everyone of us can live a harmonious existence. I started manifesting mine in 2008 after the walls of my world seemed to fall down; a breaking point perhaps from the drama and stress that seemed to re-ignite so very often.

I feel that my inner unbalance fueled much of this dismay.

It was scary to face my life without a job for the first time in more than 20 years. Bereaving the loss of my father, at the same time, seemed to suck the life out of me and this, in itself, left me to face the dark reality of my world. By facing it, I released a lot of stagnant energy and this surfaced my inner artist, hidden dormant beneath my layers for many years.
My life slowly but surely started to feel right. I’m still finding puzzle pieces and fitting them into their place but the overhaul has gifted me such an appreciation, I know I’m on the right track.

Harmony is something I deserve and I’m beginning to realize. I want you to realize it too!

Leave me your thoughts about living in harmony. I’m interested in your perspective.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Carl lost his brother to suicide, continued...

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Anyone who has bereaved a loss, especially one of suicide, can relate to Carl as he describes triggers and pain.

He shared, “There are triggers that vault you backward in an instant. When we hear of someone who has taken their life, our scab is ripped off and we weep with an involuntary kinship. There is a common ground as we've been thrust into an unwanted membership to this God-awful club. We feel for them; we know their pain. We want to reach out to comfort them; to let them know that they are not alone, they will survive; we all do."

Carl continued, “It is always present, that persistent bit of pain, which lurks just beneath the surface, waiting to nudge you back to reality when it awakens with just the slightest influence. We must acknowledge it and never shut it out for we cannot deny who we are and all of the experiences that build upon our foundation. We take ourselves with us wherever we go; that library of records within which defines us and makes us individual.”

If you’re suffering depression or you just feel lost and overwhelmed reach out and try to get help.

Click here for the National Suicide Lifeline Hotline/website.

Click here to watch an overview narrative of Carl’s book.

Photo is the cover of David's book, Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide, (Published by Nightengale Press)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Explore Michigan, continued...

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Every Time I get a glimpse of a breathtaking view in Michigan (or anywhere else for that matter) I thank God for gifting it to me. It touches my spirit and I’m able to soak it all in; it is one of my absolute favorite things!

I feel so lucky to live in such a nature abundant state. We have a lot of work to do in other areas such as our economy but were pretty blessed in the nature category.

It is amazing how my stress level literally melts away as I take in such views. They really are God sent.

Do you live in Michigan or have you visited? What was or is your feelings about the state and its nature offering?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Light of vision, everlasting, continued...

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I have learned when I come from a place of love, in any aspect of my life, things flow smoother. I have also learned that it starts by loving myself. It doesn't matter that I'm flawed or my life has setbacks, I love myself and I really truly love my life. I love it in all of its pain and glory because without one the other offers no gift.

It is all about the energy you carry and the karma you're creating. Gift yourself with only the best you deserve it!