Sunday, August 7, 2011

Remembering Patty, continued...

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The short time I spent with Patty back in November of 2009, made a lifetime impression on my heart. She struggled with short-term memory because of Dementia but she smiled as she recalled all of the good times she was still able to reminisce. She lived a fulfilling life and she was proud of this.

When Patty was unable to fill in the blanks, during our interview, she would say, "I'm not sure but I hope I would have done whatever was the right thing to do," depending on the topic we were discussing. She would then look to Jude, her sister in law, to help fill in the blank.

She was aware that the disease was taking over but she was forced to brave through it because she had no choice. What made such a difference to Patty was the support and love she felt around her. It was clear this helped her navigate through the daily loss of memory. It lit up her darkness.

If you are supporting someone with this disease take Patty's advice, "Kiss them, tell them jokes and help them do what they like best to do; just be there for them and continue to love them." It is clear this means so much!

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