Saturday, August 13, 2011

Embrace a bit of vulnerability, continued...

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Just a few years ago I had pretty tough skin. I was leading a purchasing organization with 24/7 demands, mentoring my sons as a single mom, running a household and all of the home duties that goes with it and basically forcing my way through life. It seemed like everyday was a fight to the finish. I had to be forceful and aggressive otherwise I would have just been mowed over.

Eventually things turned worse for me, I lost my job and my dad through hospice and the experience left me exhausted. I literally shut down. During this time I became vulnerable more so than ever. I allowed life to step in and just be with me as it was intended to be. Instead of rushing back into its whirlwind, I decided to take the break and slow down. My physical exhaustion made this decision for me.

During this time period, I didn’t think my new found vulnerability was a gift but in the aftermath I see that it was. If forced me to be open to my feelings and anxieties. It allowed me to go into the trenches of my darkness and face the reality of my situation. By doing this, I was able to find my life purpose and my courage to change paths and surface my inner artist, embrace my spirituality deeper and learn to trust myself and, on a bigger level, trust God’s plan for me.

Today, I couldn’t step back into my old roles nor would I want to. I think back and I wonder how I survived under so much stress and pressure. I’m softer now, I live more in the present moment now and I’m more appreciative of the path I’ve found by embracing my vulnerable moments!

What are your thoughts about vulnerability. Drop me a note, I’m open to your perspective regardless if you agree with me or not!

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