Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trend of extremes, continued...

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It seems like all life throws my way is extremes and, I'm sure, my life isn't much different than others in this respect. It also seems like I never get used to this roller coaster. For the most part though, I've transitioned into a more positive person over the past few years. Even with the heart-ache, I'm able to see a silver-lining.

I think this gift of silver-lining sighting is heavenly and I believe it is a gift that keeps giving because it does feed positive energy even into the most horrific situation. But the bottom line is that I choose what energy to feed based on my response. I can't control what is thrown at me but I can control how I respond and this choice makes all of the difference in the the outcome!

What are your thoughts on controlling the outcome? Leave a comment!

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