Friday, July 29, 2011

She works to aspire others

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Ruchira Agrawal is a fellow Examiner and, being together in this group, has enabled our connection. Although my medium of focus is through the world of art, we’re both working with individuals who feel stuck or lost in thier life. Our work is very similar in this respect. I can totally relate to her feelings about intuition, spirituality and religion as discussed below.

She shared, “I have always been more of a spiritual person rather than a religious one. My awareness and connection with the Universe was strengthened during the time of my crisis. This was also a time when I discovered my gift of Intuition as well as answers to some of the big questions– what am I here to do on earth? What is my vocational calling? And so on. My current work is centered on these findings and that makes it easy to feel fulfilled on a deeper level. I know I am aligned with my higher Self. Being ‘on’ the path is empowering and that gives me an internal sense of peace; at the same time it keeps me anchored regardless of what life may bring.”

She and I are “like people” as I’m sure many of you are and can relate. I love these kind of connections and I look forward to building a great relationship with Ruchira in the future!

If you’re in transition or you’re looking at a crossroad that is causing hardship, drop me a note and/or visit Ruchira’s website, to learn more and get in touch with her.

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