Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In memory of Barbara Rekart, continued...

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Barbara Rekart is my boyfriend's aunt. It is funny because, from the minute I met her, she welcomed me, as his girlfriend, to feel comfortable calling her Aunt Barb. She was one of those "no-nonsense" type of people. I'm sure she was probably a pistol in her younger years. She was tough but extremely kind and loving to those who surrounded her.

I would be lucky to be so independent as she was into her 80's! We'll miss her but it is comforting knowing that her suffering has ended.

End of life is extremely difficult although it is part of nature. What lives eventually dies and the cycle continues. Although, when we're bereaving a loss there isn't anyway to wrap our feelings around this logic!

What are your thoughts about life after death? I would love to hear your prospective. Leave me a note!

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