Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hydrate your life, continued...

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I’ve spent the last few years hydrating my Life. Some of the things from my list of interests included: establishing win-win partnerships, anything business, the Internet, the publishing world, world exploration and gaming. My list of things that excite me included a soul mate to share my life with, exotic trips with my family, drawing, writing and helping others.

Over the past couple of years I launched my Internet web business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC where I focus my efforts towards helping others heal through creativity. I am commissioned for drawings and inspirational writings. And, I brought a self-published book to the market. As a volunteer I work at Safehouse Center (a domestic violence shelter) on their crisis line and I volunteer for the VA hospital. Annually I cruise with my family and explore exotic islands. Locally, for fun I visit the penny slots at the Michigan Indian Casinos. My boyfriend and I both love gaming and travel. He also launched a business where I lend a helping hand. I’ve found someone who really does understand and love me and I feel the same about him. It fuels the light that shines from my eyes!

10 years ago I spent my time giving my soul away piece by piece in the corporate unappreciative automotive world and in an unhappy marriage. I'm happy it mended and replaced itself through my healing hydration process. My passion for writing and art was buried beneath layers of sadness. Although, I have always traveled since I promised myself, as a child, when I was an adult I would and I kept this promise. These getaways seemed to help sooth my aching and parched soul at that time.

I say it all of the time, my life has taken a 180 degree turn for the better since my transition and I’m hopeful if you’re unhappy you’ll find the motivation and courage to do the same.

I continue to quench my spiritual thirst. I listen to my intuition more closely now and I pay attention and energize the things that fill my inner well. This is what I’m supposed to do and I know this because it feels right.

What are you supposed to do? Reach out and find your way!

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