Saturday, July 23, 2011

An expectation can make or break you, continued...

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Examiner article

First I have to talk about the photo I posted with this article. It is of my cat, Scruples, sleeping by my son. Scruples was not a lovy dovy kind of cat but he always wanted to be close. It melts my heart to see his little paw touching my sons arm as they sleep. This is the kind of love that is priceless and that you can expect from our fury little friends, their love and support really does sooth any kind of pain!

Have you ever given your best to someone, who is in a ranking position, but he or she expects more than what is realistic from you? Regardless if you move mountains in your work, daily, they want more! This is an unfair scenario and unfortunately many of us are the target of such behavior and/or we're imposing it.

It is part of our psyche to impose onto others but, if you step out of the scenario for a moment, you'll realize that it is not appropriate. As the article states, expect to give your best and believe in others, hoping they will do the same. Trust in yourself that you can handle whatever comes your way. This is the best way to live your life!

What expectations are imposed onto you? Drop me a note and lets discuss it!

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