Saturday, June 25, 2011

Your network, continued...

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I never thought of myself as a "networking" type of person (at least not for personal benefit although I leaned on it a lot to help others). I actually hated the networking that was necessary in business and with each promotion it seemed like more and more was needed.

Today I love the reach on sites such as Facebook. I have about 2,000 friends. Of course the core group are people I personally know but the network grows through friends of friends. This amazes me. My 2,000 friends all link to thousands more and suddenly messages spread almost instantly!

I know, if I'm looking for something, I can just type a quick note and within minutes some kind person in the network will pass their words of wisdom forward. Pretty amazing!

What are your thoughts on networks? Do you have any good sites you can recommend. Leave me a note!

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