Monday, June 6, 2011

Teen perspective on depression, continued...

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Examiner article

It is really scary to me how a teen can hide his or her true feelings to cover up depression. This illness doesn't care about gender, race or status. The imbalance reaches popular, rich kids and unpopular poor children alike.

It is really important to stay involved in your teen's life even when they are trying to push you out. If you see the light in their eyes dim, seek help,

Many people feel that depression is just the result of a moody person and they think, "Just need to get over it. But, if your teen had a fever or was vomiting, you would most likely respond immediately to seek medical help. Depression needs attention promptly. Many who suffer with it and do not get help attempt to end their life and unfortunately a large number of teens are successful.

Take this seriously. If you don't understand it, make an effort to learn everything you can about depression and love your child through this disabling illness, he or she needs your help whether they realize this or not!

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