Saturday, June 4, 2011

Embracing grace, continued...

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Examiner article

I love to see a deer when I'm driving somewhere so long as it is in the field and not on the road in front of me. They carry themselves with such beauty and move with an elegant grace. I can't imagine how a hunter can shoot one although I'm not knocking hunters, to each their own!

The message of the article is for us to be reflective of the same type of grace in our lives. To carry ourselves with dignity and to impact the world with true intention. When we create good karma, it returns to us by manifesting warm and joyous rewards. I believe this whole-heartily. I work very hard to be kind and to think of others as often as possible. It is my wish others make the same attempt. If we all did this, we would eliminate war and create world peace. It is a warm thought. Send it out, pass it forward!

Do you know anyone who lives with/embraces grace. I would love for you to make a connection so I can create an inspirational article about them. Leave me a note!

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