Monday, June 27, 2011

Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde lives within you, continued...

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First, this picture of my Sister's cat, Biggens, (the largest cat I've ever met) inspired my Doctor Jekyll & Mister Hyde article. This little angel looks like it is marked with a mischievous side and a good side!

Even though most of the time our physical cosmetics do not depict these true colors, we all have this light and dark personality. I own both of mine and each have a unique time and place. Most of the time though, I pull from the overlapped space, which I call the Eclipse. This grey space is considerate but still aggressive enough to make sure all necessary aspects of myself are protected. It is a fair middle ground. Polished and compassionate.

It is the basis of my success both personally and professionally. As I conveyed in the article, it manifests win-win results. This is what I believe is the foundation of longevity and ethical being.

What are your thoughts about the light and the dark that exists in you? Can you share them with me or are you afraid to open this door?

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