Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bigger than me, continued...

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Examiner article

Mr. Ross is a counselor at Lincoln High School where my sons currently go to school. I also went there. Mr. Ross was my 8th grade Speech teacher. He was one of my favorites. The type of teacher that made a dreaded class worth while. He is a humble, loyal, devoted and overall, a wonderful man!

I went to the honors ceremony to watch my son, one of 300 students, receive academic acknowledgement for his grades. During the gathering Mr. Ross spoke and shared his story. I would have never imagined he went through a period of bad behavior as a teen. His speech brought tears to my eyes. I know it gave me and will provide all of the other parents struggling through the teen years hope!

Thank you, Mr. Ross for your dedication and willingness to share!

I'm so grateful I was there to hear his story!

Do you know someone in your community leader who deserves recognition. If so, drop me a note and make the connection. I would love to high-light their story.

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