Saturday, May 7, 2011

To all of the selfless Mothers, continued...

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First and foremost, I wish everyone the opportunity to appreciate their Mother each and every day, but especially on Mother's Day. If you're Mom isn't in the physical any longer, create a tradition on Mother's Day that honors her memory.

Most of us really do put our needs behind everyone else. We know better but our hearts over-ride our minds when it comes to priority. Appreciated or not, and it is a thankless job, our loyalty and hope for our kid's healthy future, keeps us moving forward.

So, it is important, this 1 day a year, to do what really does warm your heart. This might mean escaping and getting a massage or spa treatment, a bubble bath retreat, a day away from it all or a day filled with little one's and a significant other waiting on you for a change!

For me, it isn't quite as glamorous, but it will truly make me feel better. I'll awake to a church get away with my boyfriend and kids and then we'll follow up with a day in the yard. Yes, I'm getting help from my teenagers cleaning out the flower beds and ridding the yard of leaves left from the fall. This is priceless for me. The day will end with a deep fried turkey (and all of the sides) dinner prepared by my boyfriend. I foresee myself falling into a turkey coma come late evening. Oh, it sounds wonderful:)

What does your day consist of? Leave me a note!

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