Friday, May 27, 2011

Solace, a heavenly concept, continued...

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For me, solace is encompassed within creativity. Anytime I can retreat into a drawing or write something inspirational, I feel my spirit re-charging. It is a heavenly process. I also can obtain this feeling through meditation and through massage. I realize that not everyone can afford a massage but even if your partner can rub your back and/or area that you hold stress, it will make a difference. Recently, I googled massage schools and found a local school in Ann Arbor that offers massages by students and they are more than 50% less than those given at local salons! Yes, you're risking, perhaps a not so perfect massage, but if you're open to the concept, I believe it is a worthwhile risk. I went a couple of weeks ago and I will be visiting them again as soon as I'm able to afford it!

Your economic status might be the reason why you need to reach for and obtain solace frequently. If you're bills are overwhelming you, you're not alone. Please do not let this keep you from seeking relief. Meditation, yoga, nature escapes, baths, lighting candles, soft music etc, are really not pricy and gift a release that is critical to your health. Prioritize this as often as possible.

Do you have a unique way of obtaining solace? If so, I'm excited to learn about it. Drop me a note!

Photo taken by me @ Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC

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