Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motherly advice, continued...

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I have two teen boys and, at any given time, I'm viewed as a good mom or the worst from their perspective. I love my boys and I work hard to treat them the same, treat them with respect and give them a comfortable life. I, in return, expect the same respect and love back. Most of the time, when being disciplined, they feel (of course) that they are being treated unfairly. I think it is critical they are aware that intentional bad choices result in consequences.

I do encourage my boys to negotiate as much in life comes as a choice and not a demand. But, at times, my democracy becomes a dictatorship and my word is final. It has to be this way especially with teens. Playing the part of a healthy parental role is essential. I can't imagine my world without my kids but there are times when I need a well earned break. Remember to take care of yourself and not to lose yourself in this process. Kids are self-centered and, therefore, it is critical you continue to fill your needs too.

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