Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memories of warfare, continued...

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I lost my grandparents as an early adult. I remember as a child talking to my great grandpa and asking him about the horse and buggy days and the cost to buy certain things when he was a kid. I still love listening to seniors talk about their life stories. This particular article is focused on my boyfriend's grandpa, Gabe. He turned 90 this past year. He has such an interesting life and he is a veteran so today's article is appropriate for Memorial weekend.

Gabe remembers his time in the war vividly. It amazes me. At 42, I have a hard time coming up with details about certain experiences in my life but, I guess, war is hard to forget. Overall, and as most of the veterans I've talked to, he loved his time in the military.

I often sit beside of veterans at the Ann Arbor VA as they talk about their different experiences. If I could, I would document them although I don't as it would be inappropriate based on the VA's confidentiality policy. I still enjoy these stories!

Do you have a senior in your life? If so, take as much time as possible to learn about their life experiences. It is give you a new perspective of them!

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